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Monroe is a great town to live in. It has all the stores and restaurants needed, but isn't to large.
what I love about Monroe township that no matter what every holiday of the year the community gets together and everyone comes out and celebrates. there s always fun and beautiful things to enjoy and I'm a mom of three so my kids definitely enjoy all the incredible fun things that the community's put together. and when its time to vote everyone comes together also an get the job done.
I really have enjoyed growing up in Monroe, NC. There is not much I would change. Maybe not growing as fast as it has. There is getting to be too many people. I guess it is growing because everyone wants to move here.
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beautiful farmland with a wonderful community. Truly a wonderful place to bring and raise a family. It is growing very quickly as well with some of the most beautiful neighboring cities
Monroe is great if you have a big family and not a lot of money. Big houses are cheap, even rentals. There isn't a lot going on at night, so if you like quiet, this is the town for you.
The area I live provides neighborhood watch and always has a police officer no farther than 5 miles away at a time. We also have a fire station about 3 minutes down the road.
I really enjoy the area I live in because it is far enough from the city for privacy but close enough to get to a local grocery store, gas station, etc. The people who reside here keep up the appearance of their house and make sure to wave at everyone.
The police responds when needed.
It's boring and there isn't much for young adults to do.
I never hear of any crime around here except for break ins. So I guess no news is good news?
Ive lived here practically my whole life. My favorite part of growing up here was my neighbors. Main con is that theres nothing really near by so theres nowhere to really go or do. Also there are a bunch of hiking and backing trails practically in my back yard along with a lake that I really enjoyed.
The Crime rate isn't bad and rarely happens.
Life is peaceful and I recommend living here.
I'm satisfied with the business les in my area
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