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If you didn't grow up there, it's hard to get connected. There's nothing to do, and most people are stereotypically southern.
Monroe has a small town and big town feel, but crime is a problem. Crime rate is high, especially for violent crimes.
I grew up in Las Vegas, so Monroe is very small to me. It serves its purpose as a small city in Louisiana.
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Monroe is a beautiful city that offers many things, from education, culture and sports. Louisiana is known as the Sportsman's Paradise and the area around Monroe from beautiful Bayou Desiard and Black Bayou to the Ouachita River, for boating, fishing and sking, to the Russell Sage Wildlife Reserve for hunting.
There is wonderful local restaurants with renown chefs that serve Louisiana cuisine. I love Monroe it is home and I am proud to say that I am from here.
Monroe is a decent small city. You just have to be careful like anywhere else. If you're looking for work, someone is usually hiring.
I would not live inside the city limits of Monroe. I do enjoy my little neighborhood. I like that it is close to town. I'm able to run to the grocery store or mall. There is too much of Monroe that is in disrepair. I do like that they are bringing some family friendly activities to our city.
I sort of like monroe because it has good people. I dont like the structure of some of the buildings.
In Monroe there is not much to do as a family. The crime rate is steadily climbing and is there are no safe after school programs for children. There are many high school girls who get pregnant because that is the only thing there is to do and most of them have horrible home lives. Monroe does have a couple of beautiful parks and sports complexes that are trying to change the fact that there is no where for children to hang out.
I've lived here my entire life, almost. If you have a professional degree, you can usually afford a house in one of the nicer neighborhoods and private schools are very reasonably priced.

My problem with this place is that a good portion of the population doesnt give a rat's @ss about nothing except eating, drinking and getting a buzz.
I would like to see more activity centers for the youth and better job opportunities. Also I would like to see the crime rate go down. One thing I do love about Monroe is that everyone can come together when it involves our youth.
I do like that though Monroe, LA is not a major city it's not a small town either. It's not so small to where everyone knows everyone. You always have the chance to meet new people. I also like that there are many different things to do.
I Like that it is a cheaper living to raise a family.This is a place that has crime issues that are getting better, but need more work. I will like a better job economy. I think that its a cheaper living, but it is an issue when it comes to making a great career for yourself.
Tax dollars cant be seen being spent anywhere, the roads are bad, hardly any sidewalks or street lights in the neighborhoods that aren't rich, crime is very bad and there are only a few places that i would feel safe going at night and sales tax is SUPER high 11%. However the future is looking up if the a new Mayor gets elected who actually has the people in mind.
Monroe is a great place to raise a family. It can be a closed minded space however those who voice their opinions respectfully are the real winners.
This is my hometown I was born here. It is a small town and I do wish there were more things to do but I feel if given the chance I could help facilitate in making the changes the town so needs if I could further my education and get out of student loan debt!
MONROE is a cosmopolitan city and what I like about the city is everything is close and traffic is not bad and I would like more businesses to come to the city and more job opportunities for the people
I have live in Monroe, for 15years and counting. What I enjoy about this city is location, weather, and safety.
Monroe isn’t too small nor to big some call it just right. The location of variety of stores is within walking distance or short bus ride. There is no heavy traffic or awaken two hours just to commute to work or school.
During the spring the flowers are blooming, during the summer it not hot to fry an egg on the pavement. In the winter one day it cold and few hours later it hot.
I feel safe in this city, the crime rate is low and you want see any horrible violent crimes on, the news every other day. Some residents feel so safe that they sleep, with their doors unlock.
In conclusion, Monroe is a great location, has nice weather, and overall safe city to live. Now what I would like to see change is more activates for the different age groups. When you stroll along Hwy I-10 and you along to Monroe, La just give a little honk and smile.
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My experience in Monroe has been overall terrible. After graduating from the local college, I have found that there are almost no jobs in the area besides retail and fast food. I know many people who are in a similar boat. They have degrees and are working low paying jobs in Monroe. Monroe has high crime, high obesity, high taxes, low wages, high unemployment, and is stuck between the local dump and the paper mill in west monroe. It kinda isn't where I would suggest anyone to move.
My first experience with Monroe was adventurous since I moved here from a town, Lake Providence. The Pecanland Mall is the main attraction here for me. I also love my high school and the people that are here. It's very diverse and sometimes it can be violent, but the neighborhoods do come together to cease the violence. Summer is the worst for my city because teenagers do not have much to do but get in trouble. If there were more programs and jobs here for us, I believe it will be a better environment.
In my honest opinion i do not like Monroe, it's not a good place to live. There is more violence here than anywhere else and also bullying ,no one gets alone with each other very well. There aren't very many jobs . there just aren't many good choices in Monroe.
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