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UHH it really is not so good here but I mean BK thoe they really got prais them chiken samiches dey pritty delishes But we also got dem subweys to
The people here are amazing, but I wish there was more shops and food options. The good thing is that we are just an easy drive away from Chicago.
Momence is a small bordertown on the river. It's charm attracts many people to see the historic downtown.
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Momence is a nice little town. The schools have very solid and caring teachers and a very diverse enrollment.
I grew up in Momence. While there is a lot for children and teenagers to do around here (e.g. Community and school sports, various family oriented activities), there is little for adults to do. There are a few restaurants and bars (one of which does have a bowling alley), there isn't much to do beyond that in town.
I feel safe in most areas at night. Like every town, some areas are questionable.
Personally, I love this area because it is familiar to me since this is where I grew up. I know the people and the places but would not be interested in living here if I was a first-time visitor.
I personally think its a great place, it is the people that live here that can make it seem like a bad place.
When it comes to Momence, there are not a whole lot of options. It seems like there is almost one of everything. If you need your car repaired now, you have one option. If you need gas now, you have two options. If you want something to eat now, you only have a few options.
Only because Momence is such a small town, there are very few employment opportunities. There are some opportunities in larger towns surrounding it but not too much more. The good thing is, Momence is located about an hour south of Chicago, where there are thousands of employment opportunities.
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