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I like how quiet the neighborhood is. The location where I live is relatively close to my college as well as other establishments. Parks are accessible and neighbors are nice.
Safe, Clean, and Sunny. Everything you could ask for in a suburb of Orange County! There is local hiking, Golf, an Award winning hospital, Toll Road access, lots of donuts...Enjoy.
Great city! Very safe, clean, and beautiful. My grandparents and parents have lived here for about 30 years. They love it and I love it. Great place to raise your kids, great schools, friendly people. Even the police are cool!
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lots on conservative rich white folks. easy living. I havent seen anything crazy. I mean, maybe the occasional homeless guy. Its got a large strip mall that people love to frequent.
The environment is very clean and well maintained. The community here has numerous events that promote various organizations that help anywhere from supporting local animal shelters, to raising money for research. After moving here from Anaheim, this community is very relaxed and well connected. Having its own lake is also another attraction that residents get to enjoy.
Mission Viejo Was a wonderful place to live in growing up as a kid. Often they would have events that would be directed towards the local community, like camp outs and Easter bunny searches. It is also quite safe, with not much crime occurring as I go about in my daily life. Overall I think it was a great experience.
I have never encountered anyone who is unwelcoming and the police department is very good at communication through social media.
Mission Viejo is very much a family town. Growing up here, there are so many schools, parks, and stores.
Mission Viejo is a beautiful suburban area in orange county. There is a lot of greenery and it is extremely close to the beach. It is also a very safe place to live and for the most part has great public schools.
I love living here, people are great and there are restaurants everywhere. People don't bother you and it is a very safe neighborhood. It has very high prices, but we are paying for a better quality of life.
Love living in Mission Viejo for the past 18 years. Low homeless rate, people are friendly, and feel safe. If you enjoy bicycling, most of the roads have bike lanes, but it is hilly. Proximity to the beach is great, without the cost of living on the beach.
Beautiful city, peaceful and quiet but with still plenty to do. I’ve lived here for so long that it’s easy to forget how lucky I am to live here.
I feel safe in Mission Viejo and that the administration cares about their. They have events consistently to keep the community close and have many family bonding events.
The overall atmosphere is relatively comfortable and safe feeling. As for the diversity and living style of the city, it is growing in a good way. There always seems to be events going on in the area and there are many Family-friendly actives like parks and a lake to enjoy.
Lots of nice restaurants, it feels very safe and has lots of good public schools, and public parks. Mission Viejo is very diverse and is appealing to many different people. A very nice city to live in.
The community is big but every where you go you see people you know. You build connections with others and have the ability to really get to know your neighbors.
I like that Mission Viejo is quiet. Sometimes it is too quiet, even the bathrooms could be heard from the living room. Rent costs more, and there is not much parking. However, there are many plazas and the mall is very close.
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Beautiful hills/trees/scenery. The roads could be updated, but the library is top-notch and there is a large variety of stores and restaurants surrounding the city.
The thing I like about the city of Mission Viejo is that it's an amazing and friendly community. In my opinion I wouldn't want to change anything from Mission Viejo it is good how it is.
It is a great area to live in and raise a family in. Very family friendly and family oriented. The schools in the area are great. The neighborhoods and communities are very clean and nice. The only downside is that it's very expensive to live here and not very affordable for young families or young adults.
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