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I like that I grew up here and how I have do still like my city of Mission. The people may not be the best but it is still a city in which keeps growing.
I honestly do not love where I live due to an abundance of ignorance. Since this pandemic began, I have seen hundreds treat it like the flu. Everyone fails to follow Covid protocols and instead goes about their day as if nothing is going on which is why we are a major Covid hotspot. I have seen many refuse to wear masks because they are "uncomfortable", but is it really worth getting sick and likely losing your life over? I know everyone wants to return to normal, but that goal would be a lot more reachable if people simply listened.
Small town but yet plenty of commerce. Far from McAllen yet close enough to drive there relatively quickly.
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I have lived in Mission, Texas all my life. I may be a bit biased when I say this, but Mission is an overall great place to live and I have had a great experience growing up here.
The predominant ethnicity of Mission's residents is Hispanic, but there is some diversity. Growing up with neighbors that share the same culture as you makes it feel as if everyone is family, and there is no exclusion against those that are not Hispanic. Over the years, our city has been steadily growing creating a greater diversity for people of all backgrounds. Mission is a safe and affordable place to live in.
Overall, Mission is welcoming, helpful, and caring to its people.
Overall great experience living in Mission ,It the place I grew up in very family friend .School are great that because I've been to different schools in the area.
My experience living in Mission was great and I met very nice people. I am currently going to Veterans Memorial High School. As a teen, I wish we had more things to do in Mission to be able to go out with my friends but there isn't much.
I like how Homey it is, Mission feels like a town that feels at ease, and you will learn to love this town for the natural beauty that it has.
My experience with mission hasn't been bad. There just isn't much to do around here besides the mall convention center the movies. I also enjoy the no traffic like other places mission is chill and quite nice in it own way.
The town is very nice and diverse in terms of culture and the people as a whole. The facilities are also very up to date and fun to travel around.
I like that it's easy to get by the day, and the people here are extremely nice as well. The schools are very informal about what they teach.
there is a lot of thing you could do here for fun but it to hot out side. the food out here is the best you can find in the world. the people out here are fun and there is a lot of cool car here .the funny thing out here is that there is all lot of low trucks. the people call them self the 956 group it became a thing in tic toc. the schools are fine i guess there are some that are good for college class. there is all lot of people here of different color and we never fight we see each other the same. there is all lot of good Mexican food out here it is the best thing here. the tacos out here tasty like they they were made out from heaven. the meet is has a favor that not in this world it just the best you need to come out here just to try it. the rasps out here are in an other level. they be tastings so good that my mouth is watering right now. there is a lot of frames out here. when the school where open every morning I would see cow eating grass and the dogs rounding them up.
the community here is very diverse, they are supportive of school sports and the schools are good, very friendly community
I live in mission Texas its a a really good city many and y many people do not know about it sense we are in the very bottom next to the border.
I liked how much attractions they do every year, especially when it is decemeber, they do parades across the streets of Tom Landry. Some players from the cowboys even join in the fun which is awesome since I am a cowboys fan. The public schools are also nice and friendly, I've had very little issues with them. The kids there are always ready to learn and determined to succeed.
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Mission is a family friendly community with a good school district. There are many community events in which you can participate.
I live in Sharyland which is part of the Mission and I love where I live. I feel safe enough in my community to walk outside during the night and not be scared of anything or anyone. Overall the environment and the people are always kind but every town has its downs too.
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I have lived in Mission my whole life and I think that it has shaped me into the person I am today. Mission feels like home to me. Everyone here in my town is very welcoming and kind. Most people here are the same ethnicity as I am so it feels like there is no one that can judge you here. Since it is a small town in Texas everyone basically knows each other. I have many classmates that I have gone to school with since elementary. I feel like Mission has made me a very family oriented person and I couldn't see myself living in another town.
They have a very diverse economy and there is plenty to do here. I do not see very much violence and is a safe community. I would also consider the people very friendly. I consider the city of Mission Texas a very good community to live in and would not want to live in another area.
Mission is a small town that is consistently expanding and growing into a great area to live in. Rent and purchasing homes is very affordable, and tuition at higher education is very affordable too.
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