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My overall experience in Mishawaka has been good, I have been a resident here for about 10 years and wish to stay for a lot longer period of time. I like the greenery around the area, people are nice and it is a good and affordable place to settle. I do wish that there were indoor and outdoor activities that were available in this area.
There are many quiet neighborhoods located just minutes from the mall. If you dont feel like making dinner, just hop in the car and drive. With the many choices available, you’re bound to discover a restaurant that you will like. Expect to see a lot of diversity as The University of Notre Dame draws in many people of different backgrounds. The city seems to be expanding and developing at a fast pace as there is a lot of new buildings and projects that the city has completed over the years that have made the city an exciting game of “guess what’s coming next”. If you are a local, you’ll begin to understand that backroads are your best friend as weekend and game night traffic is a little excessive. Other than, Mishawaka is a great place to call home.
The overall experience is great. The environment is just so peaceful. Most of the stores are nearby.
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Although Mishawaka is a small town in northern Indiana, it has its own unique charm that many people, including myself, appreciate. It is a relatively safe place to live because of its low crime rates, and it is not congested like most bigger cities. There are plenty of local shops, retail stores, and restaurants in downtown Mishawaka and along the outskirts of South Bend. Mishawaka neighbors the city of South Bend, the home of the prestigious University of Notre Dame, as well as Elkhart, the industrial hub. Because of the closely neighboring cities, there are many different job opportunities. Most importantly, Mishawaka is always trying to improve their city by building affordable (or even luxurious) housing conditions and organizing big, fun events for everyone to enjoy. Mishawaka is quite diverse for being so small.
They have great school districts. The mayor knows how to run the city. The houses look nice and aren't run down. The commute to work is reasonable. There are lots of community events that are fun and get to do many different activities.
I was born and raised in Mishawaka and this town is filled with so much love and growth. The community in Mishawaka has always been so welcoming and involved. There are so many local shops and restaurants that bring so much to the community. The government officials of Mishawaka want nothing but success for the town. Although it is just a small town in Indiana, Mishawaka is a great place to call home.
Mishawaka has the beautiful river walk located on the St.Joe river with great parks and beautiful scenery. There is great housing opportunities and restaurants as well.
Mishawaka has been my home, all of my life. I moved away for two years to Indianapolis and I was drawn to come back home. My family is here, and a lot of great memories. For the most part, everyone is friendly. It’s a larger city with a small town feel.
Mishawaka is an okay place to live. Like most places it has its ups and downs. It has quite a few fun things that you can do. There are plenty of places to shop and hang out. There is a bit of crime, such as shootings and stuff, so that kind of ruins the beauty of the city. There have been major improvements as of lately. More buildings are being revamped and it's definitely making the area more inviting. I like Mishawaka, however its just not where I wanna be, but that's because I have always dreamed of living in California, so maybe I'm a little biased.
Mishawaka is a very peaceful area to live in. Nearby South Bend offers many cultural opportunities as well!
Living in mishawaka my whole life, I have had a good overall experience. As with any place, it has its pros and cons. It is a very friendly, family environment with a lot to offer.
It is a great big/little town. You have your quiet neighborhoods, and just minutes away you're in the city. Just minutes away from Notre Dame University, IUSB, Saint Mary's and more. Lots of shopping and restaurants to choose from.
I would love to see more parks and environmental safe places around town. How about a legal graffiti wall, or a skate park? Just more s]things for kids to do instead of drugs.
I have lived here my whole life. In the past decade the parks and river front have been updated along with community activities we never had before. Mishawaka is a growing town and many people come to see Notre Dame in South Bend.
Mishawaka is a nice little town, and there's plenty to do. There's 2 main High Schools located in Mishawaka and they are the closest to rivals as you can get, Penn is a big school right on the edge of Mishawaka, and Mishawaka is located not more than 15 miles away. They go head to head in as many sports as you can think of. Mishawaka is a cute town and a decent place to be settled down, got all the main fast food places as well as a decent amount of super markets.
I love the small town feel of Mishawaka proper. We are connected to the big town of South Bend, IN (Notre Dame country) but Mishawaka manages to keep the feel of how it was to live in a town back when I was young.
I like living in a small town. I could see how young people are bored living here, but to raise a family and earn an income it is a great place to live.
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There is a lot to do and you are very close to big cities like Chicago. There are many great public school in the area. There are jobs at every corner, if you do not have a job its because you do not want to work.
I just moved here and it's been great so far! There's plenty of places to shop and dine and have fun. There's also many colleges nearby so there's always stuff to do. It's great yay!
My family and I visit here often, and every time we've gone we've had a wonderful time. I would definitely recommend anyone coming to visit Indiana stop by Mishawaka.
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