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Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. There over hundreds of things to do in Milwaukee downtown such as Miller Park Stadium, Mitchell Domes, Art Museum, and etc. My experience at these places are great. I was able to learn the history of art and how it relates to today society. I get to have fun at Miller Park to see the Brewery play their games and experience the thrill of baseball. Milwaukee provide great experience for the residents here.
There's a lot of fun stuff to do around town and everything is relatively close. The lake is nice, the museum is cool, downtown is beautiful and summers at bradford are always fun. Unfortunatley Milwaukee is extremley segregated and there is a lot of violence.
What I like about Milwaukee is that if you live in a nice community you look out for each other. What I do not like about Milwaukee is that certain areas are not maintain well, violence too many deaths related to guns affecting young, middle, old people. The schools in Milwaukee need policies for violent students. The parking checkers are always writing tickets in poor areas. Too many reckless drivers on the streets. Not enough resources for poor families including health insurance/dental/clubs for youth/programs for hunger youth help with homework/safe living environment resources. Lead levels way too high in Milwaukee including the schools?
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It's very concerning in Milwaukee. Violence, litter, and racism still exist. But aside from the negatives, it's a very active place with various fairs and community and school events that try to make things a little more pleasant.
Leaving in Milwaukee is an interesting experience. Its a diverse community for sure and always has been. Everyone from Natives, the Irish, and the Germans, to Latinos and African Americans. Its not hard to find schools, organizations and events that provide you with opportunities to experience and represent many different cultures. However it can also be very segregated at times. Police brutality is something that has been occurring more often unfortunately, although not as much as in other cities. It's really just about finding those hidden gems because when taking a look at the city with fresh eyes and an outsider perspective, it isn't hard to see how it's a beautiful city.
The Bay View neighborhood on Milwaukee’s South Side is a living time capsule, much of it untouched by the past half-century. from the bungalow-lined side streets to the timeworn corner bars and the tiny, old-fashioned storefronts on Kinnickinnic Avenue, the area could easily double as a set from a film about the 1950s, and it’s not just the buildings that mirror the aesthetic of that decade, either. The neighborhood is home to a subculture that’s transfixed by Eisenhower-era America and dresses the part.
i love Milwaukee it's my hometown I've been living here for going on 22 years and it has its moments where things are difficult like crime and violence but it also has perks like scenery and walking distant attractions.
Milwaukee is a pretty okay city but crime is a bit of a problem and it needs to decrease. I grew up in Milwaukee and can say it was very fun as a child, there's lots of fun things to do here and in near by counties. I've never been to a public school so I can't rate how great of an education children get in public school. I've had a great education since K4. As I got older I started to realize things I hadn't when I was younger such as, how much crime goes on, the amount of city work that isn't done properly and most of all poverty. I'm not saying Milwaukee is full of poor people but I've noticed there are a lot of them. I'd like to see change in our communities. It can be difficult for a group of minorities trying to help someone when we all have our own problems and that's where unity comes in.
Milwaukee is a great city for entertainment, restaurants, college and work. It has its issues and is extremely segregated, but there are great people and organizations working though that. Great city for young professionals.
I live in the south side of Milwaukee, and the diversity of the entire city is astonishing. There are people of all races, ages, religions that live in Milwaukee. It has something for everyone to enjoy!
Milwaukee is a beautiful place visually. There is a still a lot of segregation in the city and not many opportunities for African Americans to grow and be successful. There are still a lot of systems in place that prevent the poor to advance.
Milwaukee is a very multicultural place to live in. The diversity is unbelievable with a new culture all around to explore and enjoy.
I would like the see the violence in the city. Without the violence in Milwaukee it would be so much better and safe. But what i do love about Milwaukee is how when needed to come together and unify Milwaukee does just that .The city becomes as one.
From what I know of Milwaukee, the downtown area is great! Lots of opportunities and night life. It's pretty safe. However, there are areas to avoid and you need to know that, especially at night, to stay safe. There are police in those areas, but still know where to go and where to not.
What I like about Milwaukee is the weather is far better compared to other states, like not much for natural disasters for long periods of time. The weather can be bipolar, meaning that there will be shifts from cold to hot or vice-versa.
I don't like the fact that there aren't many job opportunities for up incoming Biology majors at least in Milwaukee. Have to worry sometimes with traffic, but that is like any city. With the addition of the Fiserv Forum, there is an increased chance of more events to come to Milwaukee so that's great.
I've lived in Milwaukee all my life, and I've grown bored of it because cities are not my thing. However, if you want a city that's not too big and has great entertainment, restaurants, and ethnic inclusion, you'll love Milwaukee.
After an accident I happened to just go for a drive near the Milwaukee Lakefront. Not that I had not ever been it missing home. I found so much beauty in the people, buildings, lakefront and the festivities. I was able to take beautiful pictures I plan to hang in my home. I saw beautiful plants and water animals flowers birds and dogs. I tried different local restaurants.
I found areas of new investments I have my eyes on one day I thought. As an entire state I remembered the farms and the food. I thought this is home!
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My overall experience with Milwaukee is that it is a nice city to be in. The only downsides would be that there are a lot of potholes. Construction is always being done and it can be unsafe during at the evenings.
I lived in Milwaukee all my life. There are some good and bad things about this city but overall I enjoy living here. The downtown area is my favorite place. It's always bustling with life no matter what time it is.
Milwaukee is very interesting city, up and coming in various ways. Lots to grow. Granted having all four seasons, there is always something going on in the city in the arts or food communities. The summer also brings various festivals.
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