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Milton is a great little town. It is close to the Delaware beaches including Lewes Beach, Rehoboth Beach, and the famous Dewey Beach. The town of Milton has a park, ice cream store, many restaurants, and a theater. Milton has a small town feel. Most of the residents know eachother and you are sure to run into people you know where ever you go.
Moved here into the town center over 3 years ago and have not regretted it. It is a very pretty place at the head of the Broadkill River filled with lovely antique houses. There are events year-round (especially in the summer), public parks, a library, a local museum, restaurants, shops, and a theater. You can boat on Wagamons Pond or on the Broadkill. There is a fishing pier. It is a great town for walking or riding a bike! Both young families and retirees have moved here. Milton is also close to the Delaware beaches.
I love it here. I just moved here from Connecticut and everyone is so kind and friendly! The air quality is better and I love the farm lands. I love the countryside and my neighborhood is very friendly and positive. I feel at home here and very safe. I'm glad my family and I moved. I won't move back to Connecticut.
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My family and I moving here very soon and it seems like everyone is friendly and nicer than my hometown. I hope theres a lot to do and we can meet a lot of likeminded people. I hope my experience here is a good one.
Milton is a lovely place to live. Our neighbors are kind and always willing to help. Milton has so many fun events throughout the year and so many fun family activities.
The Milton Public Library has an amazing reading program and the park is wonderful for children and adults. The subdivision we live in is great because there are hardly any cars, so we can ride bikes and do activities that most kids in a neighborhood do not get to do. Milton also has some great public schools for elementary, middle school, and high school.
My family and I love our wonderful small town of Milton. It is a great place to raise children. Milton has a lot to offer with a childrens park, farmers market, concerts in the park and hoilday events. Then you are so close to Lewes and Rehoboth Beach.
I just moved here to be closer to family. It's such a historical, small town with genuinely kind people. I love how their fire dept. is comprised of volunteers only! That's pretty cool to me. I love the peace & tranquility of this small town.
Many pros and cons of living in this area. Mose applicable to me is the lack of jobs in my field. The inability to find relevant employment has left me "under-employed." The standard of living is low enough that my family can get by, but are we surviving or thriving? The rural, slow and steady lifestyle is different from the more urban area where we grew up. The quiet is nice. I just wish for more opportunities, both in cultural events and jobs in the my field.
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