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I have lived here all of my life, and so has many who have lived here. It is somewhere that families tend to stay for an abundance of years, and do not particularly leave. The community is family friendly and everyone knows everyone.
Mostly the same temperature all year round.
Many fast food restaurants where most people use the drive through.
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There is always a community event and many people host benefits.
most people who grow up here stay here along with their family.
There are extremely nice houses and there are terrible houses.
There are great outdoor activities with mosquito.
There are many great public services like schools.
There are many opportunities in this area for people to improve their health.
This is a great city with great people.
There are many successful businesses in the area.
There is a wide variety of jobs ranging from offices to fast foods.
Most people drive, some people take the bus, and few walk or ride bikes.
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