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Milton is a nice town to grow up in, and is in location in Vermont where there are lots of things to do compared to other towns. It is a nice distance from Burlington, the lake, and ski resorts. The school system is decent, though middle school and early high school education is lacking compared to some other school systems. Overall it was a very positive experience growing up in Milton!
Milton is a fairly small town, that is getting some exciting developments such as a new bar hangout, new sidewalks and streetlamps, and a new park. Milton is considered a "bedroom" town, so there is not much to do around here, but people are nice and there is a friendly community, as it is common to see people we know all over the place. Our governmental representatives don't speak for everyone, however, and I would like to see more liberal legislators represent Milton. The legislators we have now are not committed to fighting climate change, they don't respect women's right to their own bodies, and they don't support the LGBTQ+ community as much as they should.
I have nothing bad to say about the town I grew up in. It is scenic, rural, and most of the year, snowy.
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I don't go into Milton that often as my school is in another town. I live close to the interstate so it's very easy to get around. Milton has a local bank, Dunkin Donuts, Hanna-fords, Subway, and McDonalds close by, so shopping and eating out is super easy. There are cute diners and beautify scenery to visit. I would like to see more pl,aces catered towards teenager entertainment like a movie theater or mini golf.
Milton and Georgia, Vermont are just small towns in the state. They don't offer much besides your basic local elementary schools and one high school. Other than those, there are limited stores and restaurants and you often find yourself driving to the nearest town which is 12 minutes away or to Burlington which is roughly 20-25 minutes away.
Milton is an up-and-coming town but still not much to do for the adolescent - young adult crowd. Lots to do for small children with outdoor activities. Wish Milton had a public pool or mini golf. Milton would vastly improve if a “town center” was created with a strip of shops, etc.. It’s a very beautiful town and great for farmers/owning a lot of land.
The amount our school offers. We are rank pretty well in school but the schools who are ranked above us offer more then we do.
Let's just say I read the police reports in the newspaper for a laugh... not to see how in danger I am. Let me give you an example. A few weeks ago, my mother read me a "suspicious" report from our paper. It read something to the affect of, "Police received a call saying that yelling and slapping could be heard from the neighbor's house. Before police could investigate, another call was received from the same person saying that on second thought it could be cheering and clapping. Upon investigation, it was found that an NBA game was being watched, and it was indeed cheering and clapping."
Milton Vermont is a relatively poor town. Many people use food stamps and our school system has issues. But we're a tight community that helps each other, and the crime rate is relatively low.
Mom and pops are nice but slowly going away to chains, way to many lumber yards, and dollar stores not enough quality shopping in town
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