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I recently am moving to Millville, New Jersey and before I made the decision to move I spent quite some time studying the area. It is a very small homey area, there are several different kinds of stores, restaurants and hangout spots for people of all ages to engage in. There isn't much for me to say about a change for Millville, Nj, however if there is one thing I would like to change is the speed limit, almost every street is 25-30 miles an hour. Its just too slow! Overall Millville is a nice area, and it is still growing into an even more versatile city of south jersey.
Millville at one time was a nice little city.

There was an active arts district and some night life, but in the past 10~12 years starting with the economical recession of 2008. Things started to fall apart. 12 years onward nothings has really recovered.

I work with local businesses and non-profits, people have big dreams and big hearts... but there is something that keeps the locals and small businesses down. Everyone I know and grew up with is basically working 2 or 3 oddball jobs to just get by.

Maybe it's high taxes. maybe it's high cost of living. maybe it's just a real general disinterest in people giving a damn about their communities.

I've been living in the area for over 30 years. While this town was never a diamond. It's been on a continual downward slide for over a decade now.
Millville has a population of around 28,000 and has a growing community. There are plenty of art stores, small businesses, restaurants, and a theatre in town located on High Street but some are closed due to Covid-19.
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Like- small town feel, woodsy areas
Could change- local politicians making us pay for jims lunch (besides ashley)
I have lived here for basically my whole life and every additional second I think this place gets worse. I lived on the edge of the town with little to no violence or crime but the schools are what show me the violence in the town. Most people want to leave and they don’t just because they can’t for multiple reasons. I personally think that there is nothing about this town to be excited about except the very few people that are sane. I just can’t wait to leave this dump in a few years.
I've lived in Millville a few years now. Although online it says it's very unsafe, we have never had an issue. We do live on the edge of Millville so it's quiet and all the neighbors know each other. When I have to go into town it's not too bad, no worse than shopping anywhere else honestly. I think ultimately it depends on who you associate with and have around in your life. I do think the schools could be better!
Honestly, I hate this town. I'm not saying all of NJ is bad, but this town certainly is. I'm supposed to go to Millville Public High School and my parents wouldn't let me for the simple fact that the school is a hole.
I grew up here. It is a small town that is very diverse. The only issue like many small towns are the gangs in the area.
I wish there was a 2.5 star option, because that's what's in my heart. Millville is a small town where everyone pretty much knows each others. Over the years the crime/drug rate has gotten out of control making it very scary in certain areas. There are a lot of great people in my hometown though and that's a fact though.
There are certain sections that are ok but the middle of town is horrible. You will be scared just driving through it.
I live in a quiet part of the city. Most people in my area are retired or close to retirement. My family is one of the few that has school age children. Everyone looks out for each other and takes care of each other in time of need.
I like where i currently live but I haven't got out an explored much all the cops have to 5"9 it seems the people I met are friendly but I haven't got to go into the bad parts of town yet.
Crime rates are going up and it does not feel safe any more. There are not many things for younger children/young adults to do which leads to trouble. I would love to see skate parks, jump places, and just safe fun places to hang out become available instead of more shops.
Millville use to be a very welcoming community. I would love to see the town go back to the way it was. Millville Is full of crime and gang related activity. The town's school system has also decreased throughout the years. The board of education only cares about money and not the students. The schools try their best but do not have the resources to succeed.
The downtown area is a place no one needs to go. For your safety, I advise you to stay away. There are some good parts but hardly.
My experience with Millville includes living in the commumity and attenting the public schools. It is a very diverese community and alot of community involvement. There are very nice parts of Millville but there are also some bad parts that are not safe.
I have lived here for 34 years and watched the city decline. Downtown is barely surviving due to the arts. Funding goes to the pockets of the administration. Schools are underfunded and many in need of repair. Crime has gone up and our homeless population continues to grow.
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Arts District is nice. Has some nice places to eat. Has a local theater for plays. Close to Cumberland County College. Has a local glass factory: Wheaton Arts.
I have lived in Millville 11 years and have made great friends, had wonderful opportunities and purchased our first home. I feel comfortable and safe. The location is not far from various entertainment venues and there is always something to do.
Has great parks and trails. Quiet when away from main streets. Many stores within walking distance, like ice cream and wawa. Would like to see houses renovated and deserted houses fixed and used. I believe that would help to draw a better crowd into the city.
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