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It is way too expensive to live here anymore thanks to 98% of landlords asking for CALIFORNIA rent prices here, where the min. wage is over $4 LESS! nchousing dot org's website shows Henderson County to be one of the most rent burdened areas in NC. A person has to work at LEAST 85 hours p/week to afford a modest 2br. apt (NOT counting food, medications, neccessities, et al) ! All because of most local landlords still-increasing GREED. The snobbish gentrification (sky-high rents to force out so-called bad elements - aka young families/disabled/lower income) of this area is causing widespread homelessness. For the numerous disabled/elderly it is LIFE THREATENING. Avoid it until rents go back down to where they should be per the incomes in this area. $650-700 for a 2bedroom is normal and in concert with local wages. The current $1100+ is NOT a LIVEABLE rent amt.! Quiet+beautiful it may be - but a family friendly area, or where landlords care about their fellow human beings, it is not.
Mills River is a beautiful city with wonderful landscapes, people, and locations. Whether you're 16, 21, 40, or 88, Mills River has something to offer you. It feels like home.
I can't really complain about crime too much. No one really does or deals drugs here, or anything. The only criminal issue is the matter of my next door neighbors. They soy a lot on me and my family. It's off putting, but nothing we can go to anyone about.
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My neighborhood is only loud on certain iccasions, so the peaceful quiet is nice most of the time. However, it is my nexrdoor neighbors that always create noise, and they do so at odd hours. They're not very considerate when they make noise, as it's always pipe bombs or guns that they are playing with.
police are visable, crime rate is low, safety is important
beautiful area, lots of jobs, safe, mountain views
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