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Mill Valley scenic and weather is literally PERFECT! However, sadly, people here create an very pretentious atmosphere.
Mill Valley is a gem and one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived. With some of the best hiking and nature in the world while being only 15 minutes away from San Francisco, whats not to love!
Mill Valley is an amazing place to live in. It is a safe, beautiful community with wonderful hikes nearby!
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25 minutes from San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay, yet in a Redwood forest town with extensive hiking right out your door, walk to the Euro-style town plaza coffee shops and arts etc. all about. I've lived here 31 years and find an unusually high proportion of neighbors willing to work for the common good locally and nationally. Our air is extraordinarily sweet and clean (Brezeomenter app.), and crime is low. There are many groups to join in political action, helping the less fortunate, the arts, the International Movie fest, sports and SPECTACULAR hiking. Historically white and with expensive housing, this is a town that fights for equality and dignity for all. A good place for progressives and well-educated people who want to engage with each other and the world. We are always shocked and saddened when we hear of towns where neighbors do not allow paths through to town or trails! A gem of a town, just too bad it is SO expensive to buy a home here
Mill Valley is located in one of the wealthiest counties in America. Over the last 10-15 years Mill Valley has become a more modern community. However, Mill Valley has a huge lack in diversity in the community. Majority of the residents are caucasians. If one could afford to live in this town they would experience exceedingly safe neighborhoods, exceptional public schools and a refreshing healthy living environment.
This is a very quaint and small town. Delicious restaurants with lots of food choices to pick from. Less than an hour away from the beaches, hiking trails, and a theater with weekly comics and music shows. Almost everything is biking or walking distance.
I enjoy the landscape - the area is absolutely beautiful. The schools are wonderful, especially the high school. There is definitely a 'Marin' vibe, meaning that people are generally wealthy and some are a bit snobby, but it's an amazing place to live.
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