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Have been a resident past 20 yrs, ready to move asap. It used to be a nice place to live but now the area is terribly overpopulated and overpriced. Roads are already congested and a 350 unit low income development is being built. We never saw crime or homelessness in this area but we sure do now. Panhandlers begging for money at major intersections & grocery store parking lot. Can't go to some parks anymore due to safety reasons & syringes on the ground. Town center area is fun to visit. Schools are pretty good. Sadly whenever there are special events, the crowds & gridlock traffic take the fun out of it.
Nice place with plenty of activities and destinations. Good restaurants and stores in the area, easily accessible and convenient. The city is growing very quickly as well, so it's likely that it will continue to get more lively.
I enjoy the atmosphere and friendliness of the city, as it is constantly growing. The people are kind and everyone works as a community. There is lots to do and many great places to eat. All the schools I have attended have been considered some of the best in the State, and I have to agree as they have allowed me to be successful in school. The restaurants are great, and there is some quality things to do in your free time. It is very suburban but there is lots of trees and many "woodsy" type areas to change things up. The big issue is the affordability of housing in this are, but past that it's a great place to be at.
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We just moved to Mill Creek and it is a great neighborhood. The Town Center has many good restaurants and shops, and it has a nice walking trail. The only downside is the commute. The only way to get to Mill Creek from I-5 is to go down 164th or 128th, and both of these streets are gridlocked most of the time. It took me 30 minutes to go 2 miles the other day. It makes me hate living in the Seattle area!
In general I find Mill Creek to be a good place to live. However, it is a rather expensive place to live, and not everything is perfect. In particular, practically all the schools in this area (that I have experience with) are overcrowded.
Clean, low crime, good schools, good sense of community, shopping, entertainment and family setting.
Mill Creek is a lovely community that offers many good places to eat and a decent amount of things to do.
I love all the things there are to do around here. Theres multiple pools, parks, gyms, and shops to visit. There is also a variety of places to eat at. I also really enjoys all the outdoor activities there are. There is a lake not too far from my house that you can go fishing at, or take a boat out on.
The schools in this area are great. There is a lot of public safety as well as low crime and drug rates. I have lived in Mill Creek all my life so I have gotten to experience all the nearby attractions such as Seattle, Bellevue, and the sound. The Town Center is full of places to eat, health professionals, local businesses and my place of work.
I wish to see improvment in the overall diversity of the community as it lacks the ability to provide multiple groups of people with multiple backgrounds... It is a very caucasian area and I wish it to see improvemnt.
My wife and I moved here from Seattle earlier this year and love it. It's a great place to settle down after living in the city for so long. Clean, safe, plenty of green space and beautiful neighborhoods.
This community has opportunities for everyone to be involved, it is overall a very clean area, and, as a high school student here, I can definitely say that the educational system is top notch.
I enjoy how Mill Creek is away from all the busy-ness and hold a quiet home with friendly, active neighbors to come back to after a long day at work. It has various activities and camps for kids, a safe environment with multiple neighborhood parks and community involvement. Go MC!
I enjoy living in mill creek, Everything is very close with in 10 min drive which is great, school districts are nice, the only bad thing about mill creek is the traffic on 164th.
It is a really nice place to live. Most of the people that live here and very nice and kind to one another. The individuals in our community also work together to accomplish task efficently. Overall, I have really enjoyed the friendships and relationships that I have built here.
Mill Creek is a wonderful little city with a strong community. It is safe, well-maintained, and has wonderful shopping centers. However, additions such as a movie theater and more healthy places to spend a late evening would be welcome.
I may not have the same experiences as others with the city, but from where I stand, it feels very inclusive and safe. There are lots of activities to be apart of and Town Center is very nice to visit. So many parks to roam and a lot of building (as in building houses, restaurants, etc.) going on. Though I see how nice expanding is and creating more stability in jobs,etc., I always love looking at the trees and industry (to me) is very unpleasing. I hate watching construction workers tear down trees and put up cramped houses that are way too expensive just to over crowd the streets and schools. Traffic keeps getting worse and worse.
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Mill creek is a great town full of fun people and activities. The town center is the hub of the town with restaurants and stores, where many people go to have a great time. The neighborhoods are full of big houses and rich people including a large golf course.
Excellent community. If you are looking ot raise a family in a well establish and safe neighborhood, then Mill Creek, WA is for you. The public (and private) schools are fabulous and the people are kind.
Mill creek is a hub for suburban consumerism and family residency. It is a great, safe place to live , especially for families. There are a plethora of parks and trails to explore and to embellish the quality of every day life. The main thing I would like to see improve in Mill Creek is an increase in traffic flow efficiency. There is a lot of stop lights, and therefore, a large amount of time wasted in the car.
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