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Have great parks to have fun with friends and family. Everything I hang out with friends, we either go to the park and talk story or go the town center to get food or hang out as well. The town center has many shops and even a movie theater. We go to the movies at least once awhile depending on the movie. They also have a Walmart which is very convenient when we go grocery shopping or look for things to buy.
Best town on Oahu. Everything you need is here. Family oriented town that is well managed. Lots to do at the 7 rec centers. People tend to grow up here then stay on and raise their kids here. Educational opportunities both public and private are great.
Mililani is beautiful because it's located in the mountains. It can get very cold or very hot, but when the weather is "perfect", it's PERFECT. Mililani is also covered in trees which gives it an amazing green look. It's clean and safe.
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Mililani is a very nice and safe community! Whenever I visit my boyfriend who lives there, I feel at home and I like how everything is so close to each other.
Mililani is a quiet town and family oriented. Perfect for those who work all hours of the night and rotating schedules.
The community is great and it's so clean. I recently moved here a few months ago, and I've had no complaints since. This town has the essentials, so you don't need to travel any place far to get what you need. What I like most about it, is the countless places to eat. They also recently renovated the movies!
Mililani is a great town to live in if it's temporary! The neighborhood is very friendly and town center isn't a far drive.
Mililani is a nice suburban neighborhood with plenty of parks, shopping centers, and activities to participate in. I've always felt safe in Mililani.
Lived here during 2014/2015. Very good neighborhood, quiet, nice neighbors. I didn't have any problems with break ins, shady people, etc. People park their cars on the sides of the streets (both sides), which makes it hard to find parking sometimes. Roads are nice & well maintained.
Mililani is has its own shopping center and stores that you need for clothes, groceries, etc. The neighborhoods are safe and the neighbors are nice. They don't bother you and everyone is friendly. Mililani is a very quiet place to live.
Lived here all my life, and I think it's a great place to live. It is a family friendly community, and if you are fortunate enough to work in and around Mililani, then it you really don't have to leave. The only negative is the commute to and from town during the work week during traffic hours.
Very friendly aloha spirit. Not as crowded as honolulu. Lots to do around the area. Ewa beach not very far where you can rent surfboards. They have walmart here so that's nice
Mililani is a wonder family friendly community to live in with all of the amenities of a larger city with a small town feel. There is an abundance of opportunities to keep your children active after school. The town is very geared towards extracurricular activities and sports. Great town to live in!!!
It's a pretty safe and mellow place, that is in close proximity to everything you need, from great restaurants, to costcos and sam's clubs, to the beach.
Safe area to raise a family. Diverse group of individuals that reside in the area to include military and locals. I see a lot of people running and exercising. Close to the highway with minimal traffic on H2.
Mililani is a diverse area that encompasses those of all ages. The multiple shopping centers give access to whatever you would need walking distance. The high school is an easy walk, as well as any rec centers that have pools which come in handy during the summer.
Mililani is located in the center district of Oahu. It thrives with green, lush trees and grass that is well kept by the Mililani Town Association (MTA). Schools and shopping centers are sporadically placed amongst the city for easy accessibility. The weather is always breezy, yet could get very humid on rainy days. Overall, a clean neighborhood with a friendly atmosphere.
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Mililani is a comfortable and relaxed area to live in on the island. It has multiple stores to shop in or buy groceries. It has beautiful scenery and the area is well maintained.
I love Mililani because of the variety of schools, activities, and restaurants. There are three elementary schools, one high school, and one middle school. I have attend kindergarden through high school in this town and I have always felt safe and respected. I also enjoy living in this town because there are different pools, courts (for sports), fields, arts and crafts, and games that anyone can utilize or participate in. Mililani town also has restaurants that serve anything from Italian to Korean and attire anywhere from formal to casual. Overall, from my observations, Mililani is definitely one of the safest town in my state.
Mililani is a more conservative community. There aren't many loud people here, and most people speak in proper English.
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