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I like the school systems and the Milford Police are hard workers who really care about our community. No improvements necessary.
I really love Milford, I have lived here all of my life and I have never felt more safe in any other town. I run all over town, sometimes on busy streets and I always feel safe. It’s a safe, family friendly town.
This is literally the worst town in America. I mean the people here are rude and don't understand basic traffic laws, not to mention I feel like I'm going to be possessed with the number of mausoleums and mansions from the 1730s around the place.
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I have lived in Milford, MA for the last 4 years and I enjoy living here. It is a quiet town with quick access to grocery stores and nature (Upper Charles Trail ) is a famous summer spot for many locals. The town is very safe and peaceful.
If any adults who are living in Milford currently have lived here growing up, they may think Milford is an okay place to live.
HOWEVER... now, this town is completely unsafe. The kids here are little monsters, the town schools are unsafe and completely horrible. There are kids who bring drugs into class, spray paint the school walls and other town buildings, the kids in this school system fight (there are at least five physical fights per month), there's three security guards in every hallway in the high school, and kids are even being arrested in this town for their ferocious behavior. This town has a handful of crime, and it's just a really bad place to live.
Conveniently located on 495 and the Mass Pike, this town is a good spot if you're a commuter. Housing here is more affordable than in the surrounding towns and t
It is a very quiet and peaceful place if you don’t live near the center. The people are all very nice, respectful and polite.
Milford is an up and coming town with great access to 495. There is a lot to do and see. The apartment complexes are cute. There is a store for every need, so you don't need to travel far for any essentials.
School Systems are unsafe, town has gone downhill. Looking forward to the day we are able to move from this town.
Good hospital but there is still vacant places for shopping locations or family friendly activities.
I lived in Milford for 2 years. I had a good experience living in this town. The local residents were very friendly. I also enjoyed my experience at the town library , the employees were very helpful.
I love the town of Milford. It is booming with life and a new generation making its way into the town. The town is very diverse as it houses all different ethnicities like Italian, Brazilian, African-American, and Ecuadorian.
I went to public school here and I think the school system is great. Every single one of my teachers was well-informed on what they were teaching and they formed close bonds with their students. The town itself is nice and there are plenty of parks that are big enough to exercise at or bring your kids to. Lots of places to go out to eat and a decent amount of areas to shop.
Have lived in Milford for 23 years. The town is convenient to all locations, whether you want to drive into Boston for dinner or visit the ocean on Cape Cod. The town has grown a lot since moving in and has many options to choose from for shopping, restaurants and entertainment.
There are plenty of shops and restaurants around. However, there is not much to do other than shop and eat in a town with a population size that is comparable to that of a small city. There is bowling, but that is pretty much it.
I love the town of Milford, Ma. It is a quiet family oriented town with low crime. I love that the police in Worcester are very helpful. I would like to see more events for children, in the town of Milford.
Very family oriented town. Welcoming and accepting of students and adults with disabilities.

However, very townie. If you didn't grow up here and your family hasn't lived here forever, then you might miss opportunities.
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Milford can be captured in a few words, diverse, open, beautiful, and community. Milford is a family oriented town. All local stores and restaurants have been opened for years; it is not unwavering to walk into a restaurant and see familiar faces. Milford is dedicated to creating a strong community through family and youth oriented events like Summer Band Concerts, Youth Centered after school programs and more!
I feel safe but there is a good amount of crime
Not a bad place to live. Does have a good amount of crime but the school systems around the area are good and its close to a lot of places and major cities.
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