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I grew up here when the town was a lot smaller. Between the Richitellis and now Blake family. This is a town that has a great History and is taxed in New Haven County. This makes it an ideal spot for families if 1 might commute to New York.

I have watched this town go through a tremendous rebuild. It is about to be Apartment City, with the massive amount of apartments being built.
its a pretty good town, the schools are good, the people are nice! there isn't much to do here other than go to the mall or the beach
Milford's beaches are beautiful and the Audubon Center is a gorgeous conservation site. But, many of the most beautiful places are private, making a beach stroll or nature-center walk quickly turn unwelcoming.
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the beaches are amazing in milford! I grew up here my whole life and it is a cute, relaxing New England town. I definitely recommend going to one of the many beaches and grabbing some food, as there are many restaurants to choose from.
School district is declining, and there was a stabbing at one of the high schools that made national news a few years ago. Other than that it's a pretty town but it can be expensive if you're looking for luxury on a budget.
I have lived in Milford every since the day I was born, and I would have to say that Milford is a great city in Connecticut. The roads in Milford are good so far and the public schools are great. However, I feel unsafe in Milford now because a lot of people are going to Walnut beach during the COVID outbreak and leaving lots of garbage on the beach. Milford is starting to get overcrowded with lots of outsiders and it needs to stop or else many people will get infected with COVID-19.
I grew up in Milford. It has everything from great schools and local parks to awesome restaurants and night life.
My experience in Milford has been positive for the most part. I think if your on the lower end of being middle class it can seem a bit isolating.
Small town with a big heart. Love the beaches and a small town feel yet we have everything you could possibly want all in Milford!
Milford is a great town with a ton of stuff to do! There’s beaches, bowling, a mall, and so many good restaurants. It’s also very scenic and there’s a great community of people here.
I have lived in Milford my entire life, so the first thing that comes to mind when I think about this city is home. It is a nice little city right on the shoreline of Long Island. The beaches are packed in the summer and the restaurants are booming with business on the weekends. It is not a big city, so it can be difficult at times to find something new to do everyday. We are however close to bigger cities such as New Haven and New York City if you are looking for more adventure. I personally believe that the suburban style of Milford is better than an urban or rural area. We have just enough people which results in a fairly low crime rate. It is a perfect place to raise your kids because of the many friendly neighborhoods and great schools that are eager to teach their kids. I have personally loved living in Milford. The cute-little town aesthetic and friendly community is what makes it so welcoming. I love it here and would not want to be raised anywhere else.
My family moved to Connecticut a few years ago for new jobs (Yale / NYC) and, after renting in East Rock for a year, we decided to buy our first home in downtown Milford. We have two young children and have found this town fits our needs perfectly. Everything we need is right here: a wealth of activities, beaches, good schools, restaurants, trains to NHV and NHC, and much more. We're considering upgrading to a larger home in a few years and I suspect we'll stay in the area - despite being able to afford Orange and Fairfield. The millennial-friendly community and lifestyle here is very hard to beat.
Everything is very good all around. The schools are good and the housing is very nice. The people are very friendly and anything one can need is here.
Milford is the ideal space for families and young working professionals. It's constantly expanding it's downtown and offers many recreational activities. It's beaches are nice and clean and accessible to both residents and out of towners.
I like the safety and sense of community that Milford provides. However, I wish there were more small businesses that I could support, and more for a young person to do, such as bookstores/thrift stores.
Milford is a great small city, everything is near by. Great hospital, great shopping, public schools are good and safe for children. There are many different choices for shopping. People are generally friendly.
i like the diversity and friendliness of the towns people. the only thing i’d change is the affordability to live there
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Great town. Great city government. I would recommend anyone who has to work in southern Connecticut to consider moving to Milford. Milford is a young vibrant City was very much to offer to single people and young families. The taxes haven't gone up in the last 4 years because of a large influx of businesses. And good solid businesses at that. Tech companies, find restaurants, and Innovative grocery stores.
Great downtown atmosphere and late night culture. Everyone is generally very nice, especially at the restaurants and cafes. The train station makes downtown lively but not crowded and the beaches are amazing.
Great town to raise a family. Town offers beautiful beaches, splash pad, huge library, safety, diversity and an affordable town to live in. Close to New York City and easy to commute by train.
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