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Milford has that small town feel in the heart of central NJ. ONLY family owned shops and restaurants. Everyone knows everyone. Always patrolled by police. Its safe to walk the streets at night. The only problem is the school systems. Kids are currently being redistricted out of Milford Public Schools.
Small town, mostly friendly people, ok food, nice river town and access, not much to do, no police force, very little crime, minor drug problems, middle school may shut down
I love living in Milford because it is a quiet town, everyone knows everyone, everyone is very nice to everyone, and nothing bad has ever happened in Milford
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it is a small town where you can feel safe walking around both day and night, and there is always some event or gathering happening nearby.
It's a nice small town. The people are very nice. However, there is not much to do. In order to go to a movie or Walmart, you must be willing to drive 15 or more minutes. The closest mall is 30-45 minutes away. If you are looking for a nice quiet town then Milford is the perfect pace to live. However, if you're used to the city then Milford may not be the place for you.
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