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The public schools provide an excellent education. The town has many activities that are good for those of all ages. One in particular is the Pumpkin Festival which occurs in October.
I've lived in Milford all my life, and it used to be a really nice community. Maybe it's because I'm older now, but it seems to me like Milford has been becoming a little "trashier", for lack of a better term. I feel like there are a lot of rude people in Milford now, and the town workers can be as well.
Milford is very family friendly and picaresque. There are multiple parks, a Boys and Girls Club, and a variety of restaurants.
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I have spent my whole life in Milford. Although I would not say that Milford is the perfect town, because there are certainly room for improvement in places such as the school repairs and parking, it has been a place where I have been able to grow everyday surrounded by a supportive community.
Milford is a small town, so it definitely has a homey aura to it. There's plenty to do and a good selection of different kinds of restaurants. Downtown is well kept and there are always community activities, such as craft fairs, plant sales, daddy-daughter dances, and the annual Santa visit. Milford is also home to the only drive-in movie theater within miles. Milford is in prime location; for an hour or two drive, you could choose to either head east and go to the beach, or south towards Boston (the city). The only thing that could be improved is the downtown businesses. There seems to be a lack of creativity and many of the building areas find themselves for rent more than not. Small businesses start up, but don't find roots and are soon forced to close due to low demand. Also, many people are upset by the vape shop that opened right in the middle of town, where everyone passes.
I have lived in Milford all my life. Went through the school system which I now work at. It is a great town to start a family, not a ton to do your young adults but Mashua and Manchester are just 25-30 minutes away.
I really enjoy the Town of Milford. It is quiet and close to the White Mountains if you want a day in the woods or you could go to Boston for a night on the town. I appreciate the local businesses and local farming in the Town of Milford as well.
The oval has a lot of great restaurants, local shops and scenic views! It is perfect for walking around, getting lunch and window shopping.
Milford NH is "home-based" town. Every one you meet is very friendly, helpful, and down to earth. We have ample amount of breakfast places and flower shops, more coffee places than you can count, and a well populated center of town. There are plenty of trails and such to walk on, and it's a great town to meet new people and raise a family.
I absolutely feel safe in my town. Of course I appreciate the police presence when needed but I have rarely felt uncomfortable living here. In fact I am more likely to see officers interacting with the community through playing baseball, walking around the skate park or just driving through town.
I really like the town I live in. It's small enough that neighbors look after each other and it's large enough that I have room to explore. I would consider raising a family here! I love how dark the night sky can get without the lights of a city to disturb it. The starry sky is beautiful and I often make time to relax at night and listen to the stillness and maybe even see a shooting star.
Things are okay. Nothing too horrible and nothing pristine.
Things aren't the greatest here but they could definitely be worse. There's not much to do within the town though.
This area has provided me with the comfort of a small community while preparing me for my future wherever I may end up in later years.
Milford weather is typical for NH - cold in the winter, warm in the Summer.
Milford is a small town, not many dinner/restaurant options.
Opportunities are very limited, confined to fast food or pharmacy retail.
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Milford, NH has 3 Dunkin Donuts, multiple pizza shops, and 3 Rite Aid Pharmacies. The town is lacking in the variety of businesses that call Milford "home".
Many people walk or bike in this area safely, and they know that there are no worries about being hit, etc.
I love the housing in this area. They are well built, and well laid out.
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