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Houses is pretty cheap but still holds their values and are the rise. There are hardly any vacant or abandoned properties and utilities are relitively cheap.
The people in this area have a huge sense of community they are constantly helping people in our community bettering their lives.
There is hardly ever any crime in this area, and i feel perfectly fine with walking down the street and nothing terrible will happen to me.
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The community works together to help every one out. its nice and quite and there is hardly ever any crime in this area. Overall it is a great place to live in the middle of everything that St.louis has to offer with great home values.
We have two block parties a year for sense of community.
Feel safe in the neighborhood - most crimes are kids stuff.
Moved here for the good school district for my kids. I would recommend this area.
I have lived here practically all my life. The neighbors are nice, however, the people from the surrounding neighborhoods can be a little shady to say the least. I believe there have been a couple of murders withing the last 20 years or so. Anyway, the location is pretty nice; being ten minutes from every highway and restaurant is a huge plus. I don't have to worry about flooding season here, but tornadoes are still a danger from time to time. I suppose anyplace worth living is going to have something to complain about, but maybe that's what makes all the good things seem even greater, and a house seem like home.
It is a decent neighborhood. I live in a Transitional Living Program because I am homeless and it is located here. There is a lot of fast food restaurants in the area as well
Tornadoes frequently strike the area every season!
Various chain restaurants, but not healthy choices!
Numerous problems with litter on the area.
Some jobs are vanishing constantly throughout the area.
Local to some dangerous areas of St. Louis.
Few houses of bad quality. Some houses are nice.
Numerous gas stations in the area. Not enough stores.
The St. Louis Cardinals are praised in this area.
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Not many attractions in the area.
The airport is easily accessible, but buses aren't
Diversity is abundant. The people are very friendly.
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