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Midland is an amazing city to live in. There is always an event going on. Its a beautiful place with lots of things to do as singles and well as with a family.
Midland is so lame. Very corporate and political. Lots of cover up here, as there is a huge drug problem. They don’t want you to know. It’s suppose to be safest place ever—that’s a total lie!
Flat, straight, boring, unpleasant weather, terrible food. If you are looking for a home where you and your young family will be completely protected from all harm, then this is your place because this is one of the most uninspired and uneventful places anywhere.
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I have been in Midland since I was born. I believe that Midland is a good city if you are starting a family. Midland has a low crime rate, and has a very good education system. The only "bad" thing I would say about Midland is the lack of stores/places to eat.
Overall it's a great place to live. There are some beautiful places unique to Midland, Whiting Forest, Dow Gardens, Midland Center for the Arts. Great local food, Basil Thai Bistro, Molasses. Nightlife is a little lacking for young professionals. Great place to have a family.
Overall its a real nice city. There are constantly different events going on throughout the city that give you a chance to go do something.
Midland is home, although I have not lived there for many years yet I go back often. I have lived in many other places since I moved from Midland, however, few can compare. At less than 50k people, Midland sounds small but by Michigan standards it isn't. You can get a nice house at a decent price compared to elsewhere in the Nation. I especially like the huge number of architect-designed mid-century modern homes. Since I have left I see Midland has had a decline in things to do, especially community related things. Dow used to be for the city and did many things for it but now not a lot of Dow's revenue makes it to local businesses. I would love to see small businesses return downtown and on the Circle. I truly hope to move back there soon.
Midland is a small city. If you like drinking, plenty of bars. There's some ethnic cuisine, but we could use more. The mall used to be great, but it's dying off. Traffic is always a problem by the mall because the city lights are not coordinated. If you have a family, Midland is great. Good schools.
Lived in midland for just over 1 year. This is a storybook place to raise a family. Midland schools really stand out as well as the safety and beauty of the area. Even if locals or outsiders have reservations about the area, most aspects of life are as good here as it gets.
Midland, MI is not a bad city by any means. The city has an overall safe feeling and I would not feel very scared walking down the road at night. Meanwhile, the majority of people who live here are the typical people that go to college, get married, have kids, and that's their entire life. There is little to no night life here and the job market is not very broad. The schools are decent as I felt I got a pretty decent education at the high school. Also, Midland isn't super big so it doesn't take very long to drive out of it. Midland also has a weird, rich people without a lot of rich people vibe to it. As someone who has been coming to midland to go to school and work since I was 8, I can tell you Midland is just a weird, not super exciting city and I would only recommend this place to people looking to work at Dow.
While I have grown up in Midland Michigan for the majority of my life, my family was one that never could quite call a single town "home." From the very first day I came "home" to the age of 12, my family lived in a small, red brick ranch house on the outskirts of Midland. Needless to say, I fell in love with it. We ended up moving to a larger ranch home in Bently Michigan, however, we ended up moving again to a home right back in Midland Michigan.
I like how everyone is so friendly here in the Midland community, everyone loves to help one another to do and be better. The sports and academics here are incredible. Along with that Midland is such a beautiful city and the nature is amazing.
I have lived in midland for 3 years but I have gone to midland schools all my life and I know Midland pretty well. Midland is I would say BORING. There is nothing to do here that is fun. I am a 18 year old and the only thing for us teens to do is the mall, the movies, and we just had this cool canopy walk added which I think is cool. The school district prides themselves on being a "powerhouse", yet the teachers lack in their abilities and push the failing IB program the district continues to enforce.
If you want to live in a town that cares about education, family, and presentability, Midland is the right match for you! Aided with money from the Dow and Dupont companies, Midland is a very wealthy community. A myriad of concerts are brought into town by the Midland Center for the Arts, as well as shows throughout the year by high school students in the area. Family friendly, Midland always has something going on whether it be the Dow Tennis Classic in February, or River Days downtown at the end of August.
Quiet and safe, better than other areas around but not a lot to do as a high school / college student.
Midland is a decent sized town of about 47,000. It is a great town to raise a family, as it is very safe and has lots to offer for kids. The public school system is also quite good from my experience, and there are good options for private schools as well.
Nice town great neighborhoods to raise kids in. It's not a big city but there is plenty to do and other cities are not far away.
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Everyone in Midland is pretty nice for the most part. The only thing is, I wish there were more activities for children and families year round.
Unless you or your parents work for Dow, you do not belong in this town. Rude people with entitled mindsets
I love how many options for stores, restaurants, and entertainment there are. Traffic can be a bit rough in the morning and after work but, overall, it's a great place to live.
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