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It is a great suburb and a very family-friendly area. It is very easy to travel to New York City by train.
The town itself is nice, safe in some parts too. It is a good place to raise kids. The Schools are very good but as my kids have experienced, they are not the nicest group of kids whatsoever. There is plenty of job and learning oppritunities around Middletown and in the town itself. The South part of Middletown is the nicest with the best houses and schools. Some of the scenery in the Atlantic Highlands is breathtaking.
There are great schools and entertainment facilities. Neighborhoods are safe and it has been a great experience living here.
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Middletown is a safe neighborhood with nice areas to take nature walks. Stores are close by but you need a car to reach them. Depending on where you live in Middletown, you are about 15 minutes away from the beach and 15 minutes away from the Monmouth Mall. The train station is close by and parking is free on the weekends. I do wish it was more diverse. Depending on where you want to live, affordability can be an issue even with a good paying job. Ever since my parents moved here, it has turned from middle class to upper middle class but there is a mix.
Grew up in Bergen county now resident in middletown(navesink) for 16 years raising 2 children. Its middletown for a reason from millionaire residents Bon Jovi, and Gov Murphy to trailer parks, there is a section for all walks of life in town.
Although commute could be long at times(bus) still love the area...schools, restaurants,beaches, parks...
I live in Middletown Township, and enjoy its safe, suburban feel. The schools in the area are great, and it is close enough to the hub of the city to go on an easy day trip.
Middletown, NJ is a large suburban township in the heart of Monmouth County. There is plenty to do from, and it is not far from the beautiful Jersey Shore. The great public schools attract a majority of its residents. Although the town is large, it feels like a community among its members. No one can beat growing up in Middletown!
I am extremely grateful to have grown up in Middletown, however having moved away for college and now graduate school, the space has given me the ability to see the town through a different lens. Namely, the demographics and political nature of Middletown that I was unaware of as a child are not things I am proud of now, being a champion of diversity and tolerance. The success I have now is largely due to the wonderful teachers in the public schools Fairview, Bayshore, and High School North, and am thankful for the lessons they and the area taught me.
Middletown is the town I grew up in and there is always something to do. It so fun, and it's close to the city so it is great if you wanna go on a trip to NYC.
Middletown is a great town filled with many different things to do. Everything is relatively close to getting to. We have parks, beaches, etc. I would love to see Middletown become less clique-y in the future and expand its diversity.
Middletown is perfectly situated near the beach in New Jersey and not too far from New York City. There are plenty of things to do here. The one thing I would change is that I wish they would eliminate the overcrowding in my school.
Middletown Township has a great sense of community and is a safe environment. There are always activities taking place such as the St. Mary's Fair, events at the Middletown Arts Center and public library, 5K's, etc. The schools provide great educational resources as well as athletic competition.
Middletown is one of the biggest "small towns" in New Jersey. It has beautiful parks with hiking trails and is home to a small beach with a very rich history. Middletown is home to Hartshorne Forest Park and Sandy Hook National park, along with scenic Bayshore Waterfront Park. There is a wide variety of different restaurants and bars. You can always find something new to do or see in Middletown.
More opportunities for young adults to get involved in the community. I dislike the high taxes and some area have high drug usage.
Middletown is a great place to grow up as there are lots of families and parks. Additionally, the schools are ranked very highly, especially in South Middletown. The town has a train station so you can get to New York City in about an hour. Also, the beach is about 15 minutes away and Red Bank is 5 minutes away. This allows for a lot of options, but none are directly in Middletown.
Middletown is a great location, only forty five minutes to New York City and fifteen minutes or less to the beach. There are great public schools also! However, it isn't very diverse, and properties and property taxes are very expensive.
Middletown Township is my hometown. I have lived here for the majority of my life, and made countless memories in this town. The people in this community are genuinely caring and some of the best friends I have ever had. Middletown is also an extremely safe community. I have never had any issues having to do with the safety of myself or my loved ones throughout my time in Middletown, legitimizing the fact that it truly is one of the safest towns to live in the United States. The school system is superb, with diversity and teachers that have impacted and shaped me in ways I am forever grateful for.
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It is a common suburban town. Its filled with families and parent who work in the city but not much else is going on.
Middletown is a quiet residential area with fine schools. The municipality offers a number of services to its residents to help maintain the health of the community.
Really great for anyone looking to raise their children. Great public schools and access to competitive, public vocational schools. While Middletown itself does not have much of a nightlife, it is right next door to Red Bank which is a great, hip area. If working in NYC it is about a 1 hr commute driving and 1.3 hr train ride.
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