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This may be a good town for a family which both parents make a decent amount of money, but not for a single person (recently widowed) . Neighbors can be intrusive and will report any little thing to the township, including if your grass gets too high or who is staying at your house. My private property should be my business. I've had a rough time maintaining this house since I've been widowed. Neighbors keep watching over me, and I feel picked on and defenseless because I am single with no family. but now with all that's been going on, I'm glad to have my house on the market and getting out of here.
This area is fine if your only concern is being close to Philadelphia. If your looking for a community feel to raise kids in, this place isn't for you. It's just an are with developments all around, and no sidewalks. You have to drive everywhere. There aren't community events but you can drive into Langhorne. Some people call this Langhorne but it isn't near the shops there. This is is just over developed housing tracts seperated by roads
I have lived in this area my whole life. Great schools, close to big cities if thats what you like but not to close. Short drive to the beach or Poconos depending on time of year. Safe area that is family friendly. I would not want to live anywhere else.
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Never personally had an issue. Once in a while you hear about a robbery or vandalism in the area.
The local area is fine. Easy access to major highways and public transportation. Short ride in to major city. Access to several malls and restaurants.
I have never had to encounter police for safety reasons. They are always visible and alert, making frequent traffic stops in the small town.
My neighborhood consists of a one street culd-e-sac. The neighbors all look out for each other. Neighbors are very alert to new people and cars on the street which may potentially be a threat to the safety of others.
The police officers around here are alert, and very helpful. Due to the low crime rate in the area the police make there rounds but they aren't really seen that often. There are really no concerns about the safety of the area police are available when you need them and for the most part people are very friendly.
This area is very reserved and for the most part quiet. Theres different activities to do, there's golfing, movies, parks,malls, and is close to New York City, and Philadelphia. This area is also very safe there not really any cases of crimes, and violence going on around this area.
It's great place to live.
Police are very attentive and visible. I do not hear of crimes in the immediate area.
This is where I have grown up my entire life. The area is relatively safe in the suburbs and the people are very friendly.
The police are used mostly for ticketing speeding cars, but that's honestly a side product of a low crime rate. 911 is always considerate and speedy. There officers at the high school however, because there is drug use among a small percent of the student body.
There are playgrounds for younger children, but there are not any sidewalks to get to them. Many cars don't care about the speed limit in the neighborhood even though it is the center of the housing development. A walk to the deli is doable; it is on a steep, but it still lacks the sidewalks. Some houses near the creek do have a chance of flooding, but they are all built on elevations. There is a very small amount of crime in the actual neighborhood, to the point where it's difficult to say examples. The roads are decent and have been recently repaved, but it truly needed them a few years back. Not all roads are repaved.
This area is very safe. Very little crime.
People are friendly and polite. There's something for everyone. Cute villages and shopping areas, as well as parks and natural landscapes. Drive 30 minutes in one direction and you could be in the city, drive 30 minutes in the other and you'll be driving through horse pastures and farmland.
My overall experience in this area is fair. I live in Langhorne, close to Philadelphia which where I was born at. Philadelphia has great historic attractions downtown ranging from Betsy Ross house, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc. Philadelphia also have festivals during summer and the beginning of fall. I would defiantly choose to live here again if I had the chance too. I met so many great people. I would rank Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a 7 out of 10 because we do have great attractions. In the future I see the crime rate and drug use increasing because Philadelphia has cities that are already high in both categories and I see it increasing in the future.
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We do not live in a high crime area, but when it does happen it takes a while for police response.
We have some of this things close by, but we are not an area known for any of them.
Although you may not talk to one of your neighbors other then a quick "Hello", they are always there for you when you need them.
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