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I love to live in Middleton! The public schools are great, and the community is so nice! A little pricy to live here though.
Middleton's location is fantastic. It's close enough to Madison to provide plenty of things to do, but far away enough to maintain some semblance of suburbia. However, the area lacks diversity, in terms of ethnicity and economic status. Most residents are upper-class and white.
Middleton is a great city. The schools are excellent, the community is friendly, there are parks everywhere, and overall the city has a really positive and friendly feel to it.
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I've grown up in Middleton and it has been one of the best hometowns I could ever ask for! Now that I'm looking at leaving for college, I'm always finding little things that I'll miss. Good location that is just far enough away from Madison, as well as being a great community in itself. Perfect suburban feel.
A suburb very close to the capital- overall has pleasant small town vibes that feel homey and comfortable. Houses more of the rich people around the area, but generally filled with very genuine and sweet people. Could use more diversity.
Middleton Wisconsin is a great community full of great schools, public services, parks, businesses, etc. I have been a nearby resident of Middleton my whole life and it is easily the safest community in its area based on its size. They also have done a great job of making Middleton family friendly with great walking paths, parks, etc.
Middleton is just west of Madison. I love that my commute to work is easy and doesn't require me to get on the Beltline during rush hour. There are decent restaurants, a cute downtown area, and the National Mustard Museum. I have been told that the schools are excellent as well. The apartments are a little less expensive than downtown Madison and it's only about 15 minutes to the Capital Square area.
Middleton is a great family friendly area. It has a small town feel with the capital of Wisconsin only 15 minutes away so you still get some city feel.
I loved Middleton. The town is expanding rapidly, which means everything is new. The schools were amazing as well, and it is close enough to Madison for entertainment, but far enough away we don't get their crime.
Very clean city for the size. The school system is great and there are so many wonderful parks and walking paths. Bikers can easily bike through the city with no issue. Not much to do at night, but good thing Madison is right nextdoor!
Middleton is a progressive, growing small town where neighbors care about neighbors and the community cares about its town.
Middleton is home of the "Good Neighborhood City" in Wisconsin. Moving here from Nevada, I found the transition into Middleton comforting. The community is welcoming, and many opportunities are available to get involved. Education in the Middleton-Cross plains area school district is excellent, from my own experience, and the high expectations set allowed me to grow as an academic student. Middleton is also a beautiful area with the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, a place I spend a lot of my time enjoying nature. Overall, I would recommend Middleton as a place to call home.
Middleton is a very cozy and has a very family friendly community. It offers various parades for families with children. They offer a lot of community child friendly programs. The homes are very nice and welcoming, the safety of Middleton is amazing, and I always feel safe.
Like another person posted, if you are rich and white then you will like Middleton. Many racial issues here, if you are a person of color you will likely face racism. Very divided city.
Everyone here is very nice and friendly and always open to helping others. I really like Middleton and feel as though there are lots of opportunities for lots of different people.
Everything is close together and easy to get to. The school system is very good but it’s kind of a boring town.
I really like to community. All of the people are really nice and I love the schools. There are a lot of great things for people of all ages to do in Middleton. It is very close to Madison which also nice because it makes it easy to go to Badger games and do a lot of the popular things in Madison.
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I enjoy Middleton very much. I am a high school senior at Middleton High School and I've loved Middleton ever since I came here when I was 5. The town is very accepting of all and very family friendly. Especially in my neighborhood I know a good amount of my neighbors and have made close friends out of them. I would recommend Middleton to anyone looking for a family friendly and great school district.
Middleton is a good town that everyone is involved in on a weekly basis. Everyone knows the town live the back of their hand.
It is a beautiful area. Lots of apartments. Nearby parks and state parks. Golf courses are beautiful. Lots to do around the area if you have a family. Lots of yummy restaurants
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