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Miami is life, diversity, culture and tradition. What I like Miami the most is the weather, even though sometimes it reaches ver y high temperatures.
I hate living in Miami. I grew up here and it has changed a great deal. Way too many people now. Traffic all the time. The streets are narrowed to add flowers and trees but now not wide enough to accommodate its population. People here are short tempered and unkind. You can't even stop at a stop light without someone blowing at you if you don't take off immediately. They drive horribly. This is how I realize I am in Miami when I return from other places for a visit. Also way too many people from other places. Don't feel like United States. The only thing nice about Miami are the beaches, parks, some of the hotels and the weather from January to about April. Also there are numerous water spots.
Miami is a fun and unique place to live and to raise a family. The city is cultural and diverse and has been my hometown all my life. Miami could not be any better. The schools are excellent and the nightlife is thrilling. There are plenty of opportunities for things to do here and I would not trade the city for anywhere else.
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Miami is a great place to go out and enjoy food maybe hit the club with some friends, but the weather is terrible so always be ready!
Miami is a great place. A place where there is always something to do along with great people. You will notice that Miami is very culturally diverse which gives the city a little more "flavor" i guess you can say, with every pro there is always a con and one of the cons i have seen from spending all my life in Miami is the constant rise in cost of living which is truly unfortunate due to it causing many people to have to move out to other cities or even states but overall Miami is a beautiful place and i would recommend it to everyone who wants to have a good time.
What I love about Miami is that there is so much to do. There are movies, bowling alleys, fairs, and so much more. Although what I don't like is the traffic. Miami is a huge and growing city and traffic can be torturous.
Miami is a beautiful city filled with people from several different cultures. At first glance, Miami may seem only Hispanic. Most people disregard the other cultures Miami has to offer such as the Haitian culture, which is a big part of south Florida. Other than that Miami has a beautiful nightlife; the city never sleeps! Driving around the city at night and looking up at all the different, tall, and colorful buildings made up most of my childhood. All the different restaurants, museums, beaches, and musical events are filled with fun. With so many things to do, everyday is an adventure in Miami!
Growing up in Miami has been an experience like no other. Getting to wake up to a salty tropic breeze, and the warm sunlight is priceless. A huge majority of the people we interact with daily come from far and wide to adventure through my hometown streets, making our city multicultural and diverse. Traffic isn't as welcoming. With so many vehicles on the streets, getting from destination to destination is a grueling task. Overall with all the academic and entertainment amenities that Miami has to offer, it makes it a great place to live and visit.
As a citizen who has unfortunately lived in Miami most of my life I can say without a doubt I would go most anywhere else.
"We live where people vacation!" Great diversity, nightlife, restaurants, things to do, etc. I went through the public school system up to high school graduation and the schools I attended where amazingly attentive and rigorous. Only cons about Miami is the traffic and it's and expensive city to live in.
Miami Florida is an amazing place to live in. I've been living here for my whole life and I just loved the experience and the opportunity to do many activities.
I love Miami's scenery, the palms - even though, since I am from NY, I would like to see other plants than just palm trees; but it is still a great view. I would love for the traffic to subside, things that are 10 mins away, always take double to triple the time to get there. Construction is always EVERYWHERE, which can get annoying, especially during those peak hours of traffic.
Miami is an absolutely beautiful city filled with beautiful people. Miami is a mixing pot of all ethnicities and races. South beach is mainly the focal point of the city. However, Miami is more than just "South beach." This city is suffused with historical museums, day time activities such as site-seeing and paddle boating, as well as shopping. Miami creates unforgettable experiences.
I love the life style from Miami; however, I would like to see a change on the people's attitude. I've met a lot of people with disrespectful attitude.
My experience of growing up in Miami was amazing. The beach is 10 minutes away. Miami has a ton of options for various lifestyles. There is also always something to do so you are never bored. In my opinion, Miami has the feel of a small town with amenities of a big city. The traffic is absolutely horrible though due to large population. It is also one of the most expensive cities you can live in. But the view and the diversity here is worth it; Miami is what you would call a salad bowl of diversity and I love it! One thing I would definitely add to Miami is a better public transportation system because I feel that is what's lacking.
The beaches are very nice, however, there is a lot of traffic. It is very hot year-round. Overall, a good place to live.
I love miami because of their music and beaches. the culture is lovely and it’s a very uplifting community.
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Miami is such a wonderful city the most astonishing thing is how diverse Miami is and culturally sensitive we coexist with all kinds of races like if there is no race. One thing i would like to better or change is the minimum wage because the cost of living is simply to high for anyone on a minimum wage.
Miami is filled with so much fun people! There are many beaches to visit, parks, movie theaters and even malls! If you love shopping, there is even a center called 'Bayside' at the heart of Miami that is worth the visit.
The traffic is honestly terrible. At all hours of the day, even at 11pm on a weekday, the streets are clogged. However, once you reach your destination, the city is beautiful. No other place in Florida can match the coasts and sunsets in Miami. Also, the diversity there is refreshing. You will never be bored with the variety of characters you can meet in Miami. From Europeans to South Americans, they have it all. However, despite having such a variety of backgrounds, all Miamians join together and bond over the marvel that is their city.
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