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I love miami its been an incredible and diverse place for someone like me to grow up and be able to experience all of the different cultures here.
Miami is a melting pot of different cultures. The city is fast paced and always at the forefront of what the next big thing is. There are limitless food options as well as things to do. You can live here all your life and never run out of things to discover!
Very diverse and accepting. There are a lot of things to do in Miami even for those with low income. Housing is decent to good and there are always jobs hiring. It's safe, family friendly, and has good schools.
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Great Mix Culture and Entertainment. Beaches
South Beach Prime people watching and sunrise strolls photographing those iconic lifeguard stations. Live Music Sounds of Little Haiti The monthly party at the Little Haiti Cultural Center is a Caribbean/Kreyol feast for the ears. Outdoor Adventures Yoga by the Sea Taking an open-air yoga class with calming bay views at the Barnacle Historic State Park. Sadly all of this is not worth going to because of COVID-19
Miami is a great place to live in because of all the diversity. I meet people from different parts of the world every day. It's a very fast pace life and its not for everyone.
Being born and raised in Miami, this city lives close to my heart. That being said, there are certainly areas that could use improvement. One of these is the traffic, which is terrible.
I love the area that I live in, its a friendly environment, the cost of living is not so expensive, and there are great shops around the area
Miami is a beautiful epicenter for the arts. Anytime you enter the city, there are performances to see, concerts to attend, and art festivals and museums to visit. Miami is amazing in terms of fashion as well, there are many stores showcasing wonderful arrays of colorful and bold articles of clothing, especially on Lincoln Road. This city does not fall short in terms of architecture as well, you will see both traditional and more modern styles of architecture throughout the area. The recreational buildings a tourist would gaze at are nothing shorter than beautiful.
What I do like about Miami is it's a sunny fun state. What I want to see change in Miami better job opportunities.
Miami has good and bad thing, love the weather, the Latin life , has an amazing outdoor activities. The negative part is the high cost of life in the past years.
I have lived here all my life, and to be honest I can't myself leaving for a bit. Miami has its ups and down but it a nice to live. Traffic isn't great, but there is always something to see and do here in Miami.
miami is a city full of hispanic people, mostly, and people from all over the world. its very cultural and a nice place to visit with your friends and family
Miami is my home besides Panama and Haiti. I grew up here in Miami. It's where I learned my first words, first steps, how to drive and most importantly where I grew up into a young woman. Miami is the vacation spot, it has many things to see. Everyone wants to come here to gain the opportunity to become successful and have a better life. However, the downside is, this is where many minorities are killed, raped, and kidnapped daily. I grew up around it sadly. You can either choose to use your voice or sit back and do nothing. I chose to use my voice for my brothers and sister of the community that need me.
Miami is very polarized in terms of politics. Everyone seems that they are kind and have strong leniency towards the Democrats. However, many lean Republican. It's so disappointing to see ow a diverse city, ironically because it's mostly Hispanic can be racist towards their own kind.
I love Miami. I think it's absolutely beautiful due to the fact that is a cultural melting pot making it rich in color, flavor and life experiences. It's also interesting that driving 15 min anywhere in Miami can put you in a completely different area each original and all of its own.
People can be rude driving. And everyone is Cuban and mostly really nice, sucks when they're biased in a workplace. But it's a beautiful city and a lot of work opportunity even with someone that doesn't have a degree. And you get used to the heat and hurricanes (which are never that bad). Also good schools and lots of churches.
I've lived here my whole life, I will never get bored here. There's always something to do, whether it's nightclubs, kayaking, surfing, bars, parasailing, sky diving, etc.
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It's really nice especially if you are coming from a country from Latin America. It feels like back home. People are nice and it seems like a fun city :)
Miami is a warm big city with a lot of great fun outdoor activities, you can always stay active and eat delicious food everywhere you go. The weather is to die for! The beaches are beautiful, the people are great! You could never find yourself bored in this city. There is a wide range of different cultures in the city, people around the world come in to enjoy our beaches, and enjoy our different types of food. From Peruvian food to cuban food and Lebanese food. The public transportation system is improving and new ways of getting around the city. There is train that will see be in construction that will take you from he outskirts of the city all the way to the heart of Miami Beach. There is no winter weather in Miami, we have summer all year around, come to Miami the beach weather awaits you and the warm hearted people of the city will be helpful to your final destination. If you're planning to make a move instead of visiting you will not regret it. Everything in this city is great!
The city is filled with hispanic culture and life. There is always something to do in the city whether it is going to the beach to hitting up a local museum!
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