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It is a very quite place to live. I have lived here for more than six years and I believe it is a safe place, at least safer than other around this area. We have everything very close to us like: mall, convenience stores, pharmacies, and the school buses stop really close to us. Also, the police are always doing round in this area and that make me feel safe.
It very diverse. Not much to do unless you have the right oeople to hangout with. We are currently building and getting new stores. We're very close to lawerence,ma.
shopping is convenient. small town feel. loving my school years! Current issue presently on City Budget with a possible review at the state level.
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Methuen is home to people of many different cultural backgrounds. It is fairly close to the beach, mountains and city life. It is a good fit for people who like a quiet life with access to things to do.
I've lived in Methuen for a few years now and it is a great city. There are many family activities around town weekly and it is quite diverse. I would like to see more of my community involved into making it better for us all
Very family oriented but I would love to see more diversity and more things to do rather than going to the surrounding towns for fun.
Some parts of Methuen tend to be very upper class with rich white people and then some parts of Methuen have very dirty houses in impoverish conditions. Methuen public schools do well in educating students, however, there is not as much diversity. The Methuen chief of police is the highest paying chief of police in Massachusetts, which is unfair considering so many high school teachers had to be laid off, yet they can afford to pay the chief absurd amounts of money.
I have lived in Methuen for 8 years now and it has been beyond awful for the last 5. I unfortunately lived on the end near lawrence and the amount of ignorance is unreal. People have zero respect and no one seems to care. People will blast music, beep horns, work on cars and do other loud activites till all hours of the night. We have young kids who would get woken up at all hours of the night to this. It is a gross place and not a place where you want to raise a family
Becoming over crowded and commercialized. The traffic around the city is becoming congested taking extra time to get through the city. The school system is great and recommended. Not enough clean parks for children to play in.
If you like crime, gangs, terrible youth and a group of strung out junkies on each corner then Methuen is for you.

The only people still here are the holdouts thinking it's going to get better.....its not...its Lawrence light and each day (read the papers and watch the news) it's getting worse.

Run while you still have able legs to do so
Methuen is a town that is full of a lot of history that not many people know about. I have been living here for about 18+ years and after taking a course in high school i developed a new love for where I live. The course helped me to understand and love where I live
I have lived in Methuen my entire life. I grew up in a modest home with my parents and 2 siblings. I enjoyed living in Methuen so much that I decided after I got married, we would purchase a house in Methuen. That is just what we did. My husband and I purchased a house about 3 miles away from my parents. We are now raising our 2 daughters in our home. My husband is a Methuen Police Officer and I am a nurse in Boston. Methuen is the perfect location for us because we have family nearby, access to various resources, and live in a safe neighborhood. Methuen is a great location. It is convenient to all major highways and a perfect spot for a commuter, which I am.
Great area to live in. Restaurants everywhere. A lot of gym options as well. When there’s a snow storm the roads are cleared off right away.
I moved up here from boston about 13 years ago. Its a great city to bring your kids up in. There schools are wonderful. They have alot of different activities for the kids to participate in.
I love the grade schools in Methuen. My children attended the Marsh Grammar School. It was a great experience for them and I wouldn't change it. However, I would like to see the High School be more more of a college prep school. My middle son is a junior and is very smart. I don't feel he is being challenged the way he should be.He is in all honors classes but there is very little homework. His AP courses are much more challenging but the teachers don't seem qualified to teach the classes. Still, he is doing quite well and looks forward to studying Chemical Engineering.
I live next to Methuen, it seems like a peaceful city to live in. The schools seem okay, and overall it seems very safe. The Loop attracts a lot of tourists with the movie theater, and it's a nice part of town.
I loved to Methuen from Lawrence, MA. Methuen was definitely a better city, but they have their own issues as well. I went to HS here and the public school systems are not that good. I live in the better apart of Methuen, so it is nice to be able to bring my daughter to some of our local parks. There are a few restaurants that are great in the area.
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I have loved growing up in Methuen. I am happy with what Methuen has to offer including family friendly things like the free movie night.
I love the size of methuen and the people are always so friendly here. there is plenty to do. Lots of great restaurants and stores to go to. The Loop is always a fun place to go to and the Library is really nice.
Although the Methuen Public Schools are quite fabulous, I would not recommend the area of Methuen to anyone looking for an area to live. The area of Methuen is violent and is too close to the city of Lawrence for anyone to feel safe.
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