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Mesquite is a great suburb. Most people are friendly and you will never bump into any rude people. There are many things to do with both your friends and family. There are shopping centers full of cool stores that will make your day 10x better. All the public parks are also great for casual hangouts with your family. Mesquite is also very welcoming of any background. Racial problems are very rare and if there ever is one it is most likely to do a minimal reason or someone's bad day. Schools have a very positive voice for the students and all Mesquite schools make it their goal to ensure safety among all students. The schools are also filled with many different and unique extracurriculars. I myself have joined Drill team and choir. These two extracurriculars have made my high school experience so much more fun and better. My family also loves this little city because it is quiet.
My house is always being attempted to break into, so we're not enjoying it much here. It's turning into a high crime area.
I grew up in Mesquite, and throughout all my years, I'd say it's a very cool place. The nearby schools I attended were great in their own ways, personally, I found my elementary years to be my greatest. Many people live in this bustling town, and the area is rich in diversity. Jobs in the area are all-around easy to find and to apply. However, since the population has grown over time, commute times have extended quite a bit, even to the point where it may take hours just getting back home. In addition, real estate in the town has gone low in the number of properties available, and even the prices on said properties have risen greatly.
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It is not the best. Police do not care as much as they used to back in the early 2000's. More crime and unfriendly people. Mom and Pop shops are closing every single day. Families are moving out about every other day. Schools do not even care any more. It is like everyone has given up.
Mesquite is a good sized but loving suburb. The people are nice and their are always different job opportunities for people. The schools at Mesquite are some of the best I have seen. The opportunities at the schools and the job offers are amazing. Mesquite is not too small but, certainly not too big. There is nor much traffic when you are driving around which is always a good thing!
Very safe here I have not seen any crime and very small and lively to live in. You will remember all the people very nice and you will know all the places and facilities around. There is a lot of young people around.
I moved to Mesquite when I was in the fourth grade, I didn't want to but after getting settled in I soon began to love it. It is a very diverse town and the people here are so helpful and nice to one another. The school districts are amazing, the teachers and school boards really have the best interest for their students in the community. There is rarely any trash around, the grass is always getting freshly cut and when there are issues they are taken care of in a respectful amount of time. I truly love living in Mesquite, Texas.
Its a nice suburb area that includes a bunch of restaurants, a mall, a couple activity places but over time some places in Mesquite are starting to get ugly and it just doesn’t feel as safe as how it used to.
Mesquite is a unique place to live in. It can be peaceful and quiet, or it can be dramatic and troublesome. The people, I have found, are pleasant and make the city unique. Their personalities travel from the gas stations to the elementary schools. Although it may seem decent, I do wish for the city to make change. The schools faculty needs improvement along with the city's recreational department.
I moved from a large city thinking that everything was going to change drastically. Although things changed, I enjoyed living in this new environment.
Although its right outside of Dallas, I believe Mesquite is a great place to live because it is not only right by Dallas, but it is a great community with everyone wanting to be involved.
Mesquite is a very nice city. I grew up and went to school with my neighbors and everyone gets along.
Middle class. Nice schools. Dont expect a night life. Restaurants are okay. Not a whole of things to do but work and go home.
In the three years I've lived in mesquite i have not had a problem
its easy to get around . With chains of restaurants and a big mall to parks with little lakes to feed ducks and trails to go running . the area is busy but laid back at the same time . jobs are very easy to find in the area and accommodation is quite affordable. police are very active with keeping in keeping pout neighborhood safe and streets safe . schools are very good in the area with community colleges near by . The community is very diverse and friendly . if you're starting out mesquite is the place to live .
I like the old town and the way it feels. It’s out of the way of the big city. However, I feel the people in charge are putting the money towards the wrong things and crime is being hidden from the public to make the town look more appealing to outsiders looking to buy homes here.
I love that Mesquite has access to many public schools and recreational parks. I also enjoy Mesquite because it constantly improves each year.
Perfect for families, the schools and Dallas Community College are all nearby. Plenty of restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping centers. The parks are taken care of and can see the city trying to repair the streets.
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I like that Mesquite has festivities for the community. The parks in Mesquite are very clean and kid-friendly. Furthermore, the restaurants in Mesquite are diverse with many types of food to eat.
I moved to Mesquite with my family from the UK around 4 years ago. Overall, it's been a great area to live in. We currently live in an apartment that is very affordable. However, there are not that many things to do in Mesquite so instead we go to Dallas or the surrounding areas.
mesquite is a great friendly environment. Everyone is supportive just would like to see less littering and graffiti.
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