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I had been through Merrimack on numerous occasion and always thought it would be a great place to live. My suspisions were accurate. I have lived here for about 6 months and enjoy everything this calm and quiet town has to offer.
I was born and raised in Merrimack. The school system is poor in my opinion as it has been on a "needs improvement" list many times. It is a safe place to live, but housing is extremely expensive. Property taxes are high but there are no services. There is plenty of shopping with the premium outlets and finding employment is relatively easy. There are several large businesses in town and several new apartment buildings.
Merrimack is a fantastic location to live in as it has easy access to larger cities such as Nashua or Manchester through a short commute. While developed as a town, it still has a very natural feel and doesn't feel overly crowded. There is a certain beauty about living in a quiet wooded area.
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Merrimack is a great town to raise a family. There are many parks and trails. The sense of community is strong.
Merrimack, NH is my home town. I appreciate it for never giving up and always trying to improve the community, however, there still is a lot to improve. Merrimack is a moderate to conservative town with little diversity and an average public school system. The Saint Gobain company has polluted the town's water supply making is a considerable wellness hazard for the citizens of Merrimack. There are no sidewalks anywhere but there are accessible hiking trails. Merrimack will always be a home to me, but I'm not going to raise my children there.
I have lived in Merrimack by for most of my life. Merrimack is a clean safe small town.However There is not much to do and there isn’t much diversity.
Merrimack was a great place to grow up as a kid– it always seemed like a town where "nothing could happen here." In 2016, however, Merrimack residents received a letter from their water utility companies addressing the detection of a family of chemical compounds known as "PFAS," which are toxic at miniscule levels. Contamination in Merrimack originated from the Saint Gobain Performance Plastics facility and has been ongoing for over 40 years. PFOA is emitted from the facility's smoke stacks, contaminating the air, groundwater and soil for miles. NHDES, the CDC and other state and federal agencies have been conducting water samples and blood tests in Merrimack to investigate the full scope of the contamination and have found that residents are highly exposed and experiencing higher than expected cancer rates. Merrimack is both a quiet suburban town and a battleground for a silent war between industry giants opposing PFAS regulation and citizens fighting for their future.
Too many apartments being built up nonstop. As well as poisoned air, water and soil Thanks St Gobain)...the crime and traffic have skyrocketed.
Nice small town in New Hampshire. An hour away from boston, the mountains, and the beach. Has a great school district and a nice community. Low crime rate and a mall located right in town.
We love it here!! There are so many resources and we are close to everything. The parks are incredible, and the schools are too! We love living in the quiet/friendly town.
Merrimack is a lovely, quiet town full of services and friendly people. There are numerous rough places in the roads, due to the effect of winter weather. However, the town maintains good upkeep, and driving in Merrimack is a pleasure.
Small town but it has a surprising amount of things to do. Merrimack is very family oriented with town activities like sports and library events.
small town atmosphere, well connected community the schools are great the teachers are knowledgeable schools have plenty resources
A very safe, clean town. Not much to do in town but the people can be pretty great! It is close by to some bigger cities in New Hampshire, and it is close to Boston and New York.
I have spent most of my life in Merrimack, and it was a great place to grow up– a quiet suburb with good schools and low crime. It is also home to corporations such as BAE Systems and Budweiser, which has helped our town grow over the years. In order to accommodate this growth, apartments are now being built next to Saint-Gobain, the company implicated in New Hampshire's big water scandal. This plastics plant, unbeknownst to the residents, has polluted our water supply for many years. The two-year investigation into the pollution of our soil, air and water supply revealed toxic levels of perfluorinated chemicals, or PFC's. These chemicals are known to cause devastating health effects, including cancer. The end of the investigation this year has led to an air pollution order against Saint-Gobain, but residents feel that this is too little, too late. There are many concerns about the new apartment complexes being built on polluted soil, a potentially dangerous choice in city planning.
Merrimack is a nice town that is easy to get to by Rt 3 and RT 93. It has a lot to offer like restaurants, the outlet mall and also trails to hike and bike on. Its a quite town and there isn't much that goes on here but it's a great place to live. There is a lot of building of new communities and more people are moving in. Overall, if you want to live close to Boston but far enough away, Merrimack NH is your place.
Merrimack is a safe, clean town with excellent non-profits doing their best to maintain the current excellence.
The school systems are decently funded and staffed with individuals who made learning fun and diverse, and the library system does their best to fulfill any request they can. The libraries also provide top-notch programs to encourage literacy in young children.
Numerous hiking trails and parks are available to any intrepid explorer, with one such park even offering camp programs for children.
The multitude of restaurants provide culturally diverse choices for dining and the movie theater and outlet mall are great for blowing off steam.
Various community events, like the yearly carnival, and landmarks, like the gazebo near the Mobil, bring people together and help the city-scale population maintain its small-town feel.
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The town started out with the residents best interest foremost, but over the years that has changed. The town is run without any thought of what is best for Merrimack, ordinances keep passes to build more businesses, condos, hotels without a second thought of what this is doing to the town. Schools are already overcrowded and doing without more and more with all the cutbacks, enticing more crime with all the hotels and motels being built.
Merrimack offers a diverse environment to meet a persons needs. There are many businesses such as outlet stores, gyms, and restaurants to name a few. Their local library is very friendly and ready to offer assistance of any kind. This town has met my needs with many choices for employment and it is close to the school I am attending to further my education. I feel that Merrimack has met many of my needs and I continue to look forward to many opportunities while I stay to complete my education.
Based on my experiences in Merrimack NH, the town is made up of townies who complain about taxes, good families and many single moms. I moved out of this town because of the latter. Its small town with the middle school troubles of an inner city, Do your homework.
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