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It was very crowded and the living conditions arnt the best. As a young woman I do not feel safe walking around at night.
I think this is a relatively safe community, but I think their could definitely be more work done by the community in order to create a sense of belonging for fellow community members.
Meridian is a great city where you can come in any part of life and just live. It is in the perfect spot to go backpacking, fishing or skiing. I would highly recommend living in Meridian, Idaho.
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Personally, I love Meridian, Idaho. It is a very safe and clean environment with all kinds of people. Meridian is constantly expanding and growing. New roads and Apartments are always getting built. Meridian also has great schools for student education. There isn't much I want to change. I think Meridian is great the way it is. It is a safe and positive place to grow up in.
Meridian is a great city, located on the outskirts of Boise, the capitol of Idaho. Our public schools are overall well-funded and very safe. The crime rate in Meridian is very low. Nightlife in Meridian is mediocre, there are very few night spots to hang with friends. The real estate market and prices of homes have been soaring recently, and Meridian is one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire USA. Because most of everything is located in Boise, commute time and closeness of jobs are pretty good. Diversity is low, with the large majority of citizens being Caucasian. But overall, Meridian is great with lots of parks and scenery and historic areas, especially around downtown.
Very nice area! Close to the city, lots to do. Tons of great food. Safe and friendly neighborhoods. Meridian is a great and family friendly town! Good schools, and lots of activities for kids. Outdoor parks and activites for summer are great!
Beautiful city. Has tons of shopping, parks, entertainment, etc. but still retains the small town feel.
Very easy to enter the countryside, not incredibly crowded. Lots of people from California are moving here though, making it more crowded and increasing house prices.
Someone got shot in my neighborhood and there are a good amount of sex offenders around me, but the scenery is nice and I enjoy the activities that the outdoors offers.
Honestly, I don’t see the big hype about Idaho! I moved out here due to my husbands job. It’s very family friendly, parks/playgrounds are great, clean but man is it crowded! So many dang people, lines/crowds everywhere, traffic is horrendous and the lights take forever! I don’t think Idaho was expecting this much growth so there infrastructure is not there. I thought moving here would be a much more simple life but with the amount of people that live/moving here, it’s like a mini LA. Also the housing market is ridiculous! You’ll be on a waiting list forever and it’s getting so expensive. Plus, the rentals are getting into the non affordable price range. Not worth it, good luck!
meridian is a super fun and involved city. there is so many things to do with shopping, outdoor activities, and lots of events involving the community. right in the middle of so many other cities also so its a quick drive to more fun.
Meridian is a great place, people are very friendly, there is quick and easy access to fun things to do, and it is growing rapidly! It is close to many mountains great for skiing, snowboarding, and camping so Meridian is a fantastic place to live especially if you are a lover of the outdoors. There are amazing people here and most are quite welcoming and accepting of all.
Very clean and people are friendly. I have lived here all my life, 18 years, and despite not being a fan of suburbs I feel Meridian is a good community. Great schools, stores, and I love the rural farmland around it.
Beautiful area. Even the roads are landscaped. Very low crime rate, lots of churches. Very family friendly and conservative. A short ride to the mountains, Eagle State Park, minutes from down town Boise, awesome schools usually surrounding subdivisions. Beautiful construction and everything is so well maintained.
Clean, safe, and friendly. Community parks are plentiful. Neighborhoods are neat and well-maintained.
I love Meridian. I've lived here for about four years now and I love the area. There are plenty of shops, food places, and stores in the area for a wide range of goods. I am also lucky enough to live near Rocky Mountain high school too.
Family friendly and great place for kids to be kids. I can ride my bike anywhere and I see myself setting roots here soon.
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Meridian is a very safe and kind town, you can always find a friendly face to help you through your troubles. There are lots of activities but it could use a few more. I’ve lived here more whole life and my only complaint is the abundance of people moving here. The traffic is growing and as a result there is a lot of road construction to deal with.
I love living in Meridian. Traffic isn't as crazy as in Boise. Plenty of parks, shops, and things to do here.
Meridian was rated one of the best places to live, and I agree. It is smaller than most cities, but is growing and developing very quickly. A very good place to raise a family.
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