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Mercersburg is a beautiful small town nestled between the mountains in South Central Pennsylvania. The community has an array of outdoor activities. You can go skiing during the Winter at Whitetail Ski Resort, golfing during the Fall at the beautiful Whitetail Golf Resort, or swimming at Cowan's Gap State Park in the Summer. There are also many events throughout the year that are worth attending. The Two Top Steam and Craft Show draws in crowds of up to 10,000, while the Mercersburg Strawberry Festival and Dog Show has a very tight knit community feel. In September, the town wraps up the Summer season with the annual Mercersburg Townfest. If you are starting or currently raising a family, the Tuscarora school district has wonderful education opportunities for children. The primary and secondary schools have teachers who are well educated, and truly care about their students. This is an area rich in history and outdoor activities. I highly recommend that you visit this charming town.
Mercersburg is a small in town in South Central PA. It is a quiet place to live where many historical sites still remain today. Although there is a growing minority population, it would be nice to see more diversity in regards to community events.
It has beautiful scenery, but doesn't have much to do. There aren't many places to eat either. The traffic is moderate.
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Mercersburg is a very small and quiet town. There is one grocery store, three gas stations, and one high school
Nothing to do, boring town, high taxes, In our schools you are only in the click if your family has money or you are rich , no jobs,
The town is very small and doesn't have a lot of ammentities. The school system is small as well. The ski resort is about 15 minutes away from the town. The inner community are usually nice to others.
I enjoy living in this small town. Everyone knows everyone and we stick together. It may be small, but it has a lot of offer. This little town is the place that James Buchanan was born and raised, we have a memorial dedicated to him and our schools are named after him. My husband and I enjoy the outdoors very much and here in this town we are surrounded by mountains and woods and we love it. The sunrises and sunsets go for miles. Its a beautiful place to be able to call HOME.
It's a nice small town where the schools are decent, and it fairly safe like most small towns. Depending on the seasons depends on what there is to do around town but there is always more to do during the day than at night.
The town of Mercersburg is a small rural town, and you get the exact experience that you would expect from a town like this. The area is slowly improving, but it has a long way to come.
There is no public transportation that comes to this town, the closest airport is an hour away and the closest train station is more than an hour away.
There are only a few good food options in the area if you're looking to not spend more than $100 on a meal. Those places all close before 9pm, so there is no food availability later at night. There is also no nightlife in the close surrounding area.
There is not a lot of opportunity, simply because there are not a lot of businesses. However, if you are interested in farm work, auto repairs or teaching, then you are in luck.
There is no way that you can get everything you need in this area without having a car and a lot of free time. It's in the middle of nowhere so there are a few small restaurants and local companies. There is also a McDonalds and a Food Lion. You can get the basics, but anything else is a special trip.
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