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Great community, everyone is super close and friendly. Close to the lake allowing for fun summer activities.
Mequon is a great place to live and work. I believe this is a great place to raise children and to call home.
I like the public schools in Mequon and the volunteer opportunities that are associated with the schools in Mequon.
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I moved here 1.5 years ago right before the COVID shelter in place order went into effect. The thing I like most about Mequon is that I can walk every where. People are neighborly but courteous enough to mind their own business. Yet, If you're in trouble, you can bet, your neighbors know you and will help you out. I walk my dog every day from Mequon through Thiensville and we are greeted along the way by shop owners, officers, fire personnel, children, etc. It's a wonderful community. I love living in a place that feels safe enough to venture out every day even in these uncertain times.
.Mequon is in Ozaukee County and is one of the best places to live in Wisconsin. Living in Mequon offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Mequon, there are a lot of coffee shops and parks. Many retirees live in Mequon and residents tend to lean conservative.
Recently my family made the choice to move to Mequon. My grandparents live out in the Mequon-Thiensville neighborhoods. It is a very calming area to live in. There are always people out walking with their dogs, or just taking a jog. The food life is also up and coming, with more higher end food places, for example they recently just finished the Mequon public Market. I do wish there were more family type restaurants such as Olive Garden, or Chili’s. This area is one of the best districts in the state. This also makes it more expensive to live in this area..
Mequon is considered one of the wealthiest suburbs of Milwaukee. It's safe, has lots of businesses and one of the best public school district in the whole state.
Mequon is nice because it is a safe suburban town, but is still close to the city, with lots of suburban development around it. The public schools are great and the nightlife is up and coming.
I enjoy that it's a very resourceful neighborhood. I have access to study locations, such as cafes and libraries, my school is very close to me, and I don't have to commute a long way to a lot of locations. I dislike how small the actual town is and it's not a very diverse community.
I like that Mequon is primarily residential and is a family friendly place to live. It's pretty quiet, which is truly ideal for my husband and I. It's also small, so navigating the suburb is relatively easy. We're hoping to stay here, since the school districts are good and the property taxes are half of surrounding areas. I hope the township continues to make nature and family friendly places priorities as they expand. While I prefer to live in a more rural area, Mequon is a good middle ground between suburban and rural life.
A great place to that is surrounded by small towns! Mequon is a large community that has many opportunities for community involvement, social events, and food options.
I moved to Mequon about 4 years ago from a small town in Indiana. After moving here, I quickly realized that Mequon was a small, supportive community that help each other out. I know all of my neighbors fairly well and are all extremely nice and helpful. Going to any small business or restaurant in Mequon is a must as you won't find any place quite like it in a bigger suburb.
The setup is ideal and a very family friendly neighborhood. There aren't many activities to do, but there are a lot of places to go.
Mequon is an extremely nice area and it is very safe. There are lots of places to eat in the area and one large hospital. Mequon also is the home of Concordia University Wisconsin, a lutheran higher education university. There is not much of a nightlife in Mequon, you would most likely have to go to downtown Milwaukee for that.
I loved the fact that Mequon is a very close-knit community that has strong family values, a great public school system, and is very safe. Mequon is also quite health-conscious and has many community events focused on events that unify families and encourage them to get active and have fun while doing it. Being in a suburban area, it doesn't have much of a nightlife (which is a good thing) or very much diversity (which could be improved). All in all, Mequon is a phenomenal suburb that I would encourage anyone in the Milwaukee area seeking a community to strongly consider.
nice suburban city with a large array of activities, an amazing school district, along with being a very safe community to raise a family and live in.
Mequon has really Great schools, and great food. I moved here over 3 years ago and love it here. The people are friendly. The only downfall is the high rate of rent. Which I understand but the rent should be more reasonable.
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I was born in Israel and moved to Mequon WI Between the ages 2-6. Overall, I remember my experience living there as amazing. I made friends that I am still in touch with today, and I started my golf career there at the age of 3. If I haven’t have lived in WI I would probably not be playing golf today because in Israel, there is only one golf course in the whole country. The weather in Mequon is very different from Israel’s weather. I enjoyed skiing in the winter, and the beautiful colors of the fall. I conclusion, I am very happy that I had the opportunity to live six years of my life in Mequon.
lots of parks, open space. Has a nice library. has retained some of its rural culture
Needs new restaurants and more community events. Needs a community center and a place for teenage kids to go
I am currently a senior at Homestead High School, living in Mequon Wisconsin. I enjoy living here because it is a small enough town where it is easy to get around, and also big enough where there are things to do. They have been doing a lot of renovations and are starting to develop the area even more. We are also just a short drive from surrounding towns and villages and not far at all from Milwaukee.
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