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I love Downtown Menlo Park, CA, there are a lot of nice restaurants and the high school is very good. The reason I didn't give Menlo Park five stars is because of how expensive it is to buy or rent a house/apartment. It is very overpriced and can sometimes be overrated. It is definitely not worth the "hype."
I've raised two children here over the last 18 years, and Menlo Park was once a great place to live with good schools. However over the last 5 years the downtown has gone downhill, with dirty sidewalks and businesses going out of business. The City approved many high density housing buildings and the amount of construction along El Camino's corridor will make traffic terrible and put more stress on the school and infrastructure. The schools aren't as good as they were 10 years ago. The high school, Menlo Atherton, is sub par in my view and many families that can afford to send their kids to private high schools. In my opinion there are better towns with more highly rated public high schools and nicer downtown areas nearby like Los Altos, and Palo Alto and Los Gatos to raise a family.
The schools (Oak Knoll, Hillview Middle School) I have been to in Menlo Park have been amazing. This town really cares about the kids and making sure each resident has a positive and safe experience living here.
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The specific area I am from is East Menlo Park. and is also clumped together with East Palo Alto since we are on the east side. The two cities are a small little melting pot of minorities. Which leads to some good food and good culture all around. There are also some big companies very close by like Facebook and Instagram headquarters. The two companies have lead to some good opportunities for young adults in the area.
Great place to live, but expensive. Great athletic facilities including basketball courts, tennis courts, and a pool. Many family businesses and very safe.
Menlo Park is one of the most inviting communities. It is surround by many fun and lively locations like downtown Palo Alto and Redwood City, while still remaining a quiet and cozy place to live. Being in Menlo Park, I have been able to attend one of the best public high schools and participate and some of the best high school athletics. The amount of opportunities available in this area are endless. Lastly, being around such successful people in the Silicon Valley gives our students a boost of motivation to work hard and succeed in their lives after education, making Menlo Park an academically rigorous and competitive place.
I like the calmness and richness here. It is also safe with friendly people. Job opportunities are high and you have a beautiful view almost everywhere. Very close to shopping malls and also very close to the Stanford University.
A pretty expensive area located in San Mateo County. Very safe, inviting, and fun town with a cute downtown. Not very much nightlife as it is pretty small and spread out, not much open after 9 P.M. The public schools in the area are superb, and there are various private schools as well.
Menlo Park is a very quiet community, it is a safe neighborhood with the police department nearby. Small restaurant centers within walking distance as well as a gas station. Traffic has slightly increased during certain hours since Instagram and Facebook's move but it is the only drawback.
I've grown up in Menlo Park and attended public schools K-12. I have to appreciate the safety, quality of education, and overall basic suburbia feel. However, it is difficult to afford to live in Menlo Park or the surrounding areas in terms of housing, food, etc. We are sandwiched between cities of low socioeconomic standing and Atherton, one of the most affluent communities in the country. The dichotomy between these two communities is interesting but racial divides are apparent if you care enough to open your eyes.
Menlo Park has a good school system and decent public services, but some town leadership decisions are questionable. The Facebook takeover has caused a lot of extra traffic and pressure on the town and changed the culture.
I grew up living in Menlo Park. The housing here is very expensive, but I feel very safe in my neighborhood. The public schools here are as good as private schools. My neighborhood is very family-friendly. While the cost of living is extremely costly, the weather, people, and safety make up for it.
I think the area is really clean and nice. One thing I wish for is that there was stronger sense of community.
It's pretty nice here, the schools are great. Way too pricey tho
The weather is awesome and Tahoe is close by so you can drive up there on long weekends
Overall Menlo Park is a great city to raise a child, grow up and spend your adolescence. The public schools are very vigorous and only expect and give the best to their students. Since this is a very well fortuned neighborhood the public schools have a lot of funding, which gives an overall better experience and more resources to its students. The safety is outstanding as well. There are cops at every corner and since the danger is at a low the police do not have much to do except watch over the town. Menlo Park is filled with families so it is very family-friendly. However, you will find the occasional apartment buildings filled Facebook workers who do not always enjoy the loud kids. This city is not very diverse as it is mostly populated by White-Americans. Menlo Park is definitely not at all affordable for the average family. However, if you get the chance to live there you will not be sorry.
It's a very safe city with lots of trees which make the air smell nice and fresh. Everyone here, in my opinion, is very nice and social!
The community is very passionate about getting into college. The community has great shops and restaurants
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Residence for 8 years. I have seen the growth in real estate and diversity. There are long time residents who care for their property and enjoy the quiet city.
I have lived here for only 15 months and I can say it is one of my favorite towns even after living in sunny San Diego for seven years. People here are so friendly and welcoming to the area, my neighbors, my coworkers and clients. It is always very clean and easy to move around in. It is always secured by police, firefighters and security volunteers. There is a variety in citizen ages, ethnicities and religions therefore it is never an issue expressing my latin and catholic culture with others even though we have different beliefs. I rate it a 4 and not a 5 star because it does not have many restaurants or coffee places to go late night if I need a late night study session but that is all I can complain about. I do not need any crazy party place, I actually enjoy the tranquility and if I feel like going out there is always The City not too far from here!
It is a warm and welcoming small town outside of San Francisco. Because of the high cost of living, most residents are in the upper middle class. The downtown shops and restaurants are quite cozy and the employees are overall very kind and helpful. The area leans more on the liberal side, with a lower racial diversity.
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