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Mendon is a very small town, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in spirit. There is a great community, wonderful restaurants around such as Alicantes and Miss Mendon Diner, and hundreds of shops suited to all needs. My personal favorite stores are the Country Store, which is a shop off of a gas station that has products ranging from toys all the way to food, and the Blessing Barn, which is an antique store. I grew up in Mendon, and I loved every second of it.
Mendon is a very small town, with very little shops, restaurants or activities around. Everyone knows everyone, so the community is very tight and supportive to one another. The best part about Mendon is how safe I feel because of the little engagement that happens in the town. The school systems are great and I have formed a very solid education. Mendon is not close to much, so everything seems pretty far away. I love the zoo and drive in, but see a big opportunity for the increase in restaurants and more places for family and friends to hang out. I’ve lived in Mendon my whole life, and would never give that up for everything. I’ve always felt like I’ve belonged and this is where I’m meant to be. This is a great town for a family to start up, as the community helps welcome anyone in. Sports are very big in Mendon and is a great way to find new friends. Although Mendon has it’s downfalls, I would not give it up for everything, as Mendon is the symbol of my childhood.
I love Mendon town because it’s very quiet but everything is near by. Nice neighborhoods! Cost to live is that not too expensive. If anyone like quiet! Mendon is very good choice to select.
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Overall, Mendon is a decent place to live in. Neighbors aren't always very welcoming and the residents are very individualistic.
Mendon is a fantastic town with a friendly community, great schools, family friendly neighborhoods and plenty of shopping and dining options nearby.
Small town convenient distance from greater cities and highway and stores. Economically stable. white collar family neighborhoods and safe environment.
This town is small, quaint, and progressive. We have a wonderful drive-in movie theater, the fantastic Miss Mendon Diner, lots of hiking trails, many beautiful dogs, and easy access to the local Dairy Queen.
Mendon is a wonderful town to reside in. It may be small, but there is a lot of history behind this town.
Mendon is a very small town in Massachusetts. There is not a lot to do but they have a dunkin donuts with a manager who dropped french crullers on the ground and served them
My area has nice housing but the town has a mix of types of housing
Small suburban area with mostly friendly people. Lots of families participate in community sports which brings people together.
My town has 2 police on duty at all times. The biggest crime is drivers passing through town with uninsured unregistered vehicles and unlicensed drivers. I believe crime is low because their are no section 8 apartment houses, no welfare offices, no unemployment centers, no EBT centers and I don't see or hear of any undocumented people in this town.

When I was in high school every ones first language is English.
From a teenage view it is rural so not access to a lot without being able to drive at least short distance
Mendon is an extremely safe town. House break-ins are virtually unheard of, and I know many people don't even lock all of their doors. Crimes are not prevalent and police are always available.
I enjoyed growing up in Mendon because it is rural. Many of my friends and I had ample space in our yards and things to do nearby, including the Drive-In and the Zoo. Everyone in Mendon is friendly and smiles and waves to you even if you don't know each other. As a senior at Nipmuc, I have enjoyed all four years and have seen lots of growth in the school system, such as the shift to 1:1 learning with iPads.
We are having tremendous problems with drugs in this whole area. It is a shame. The whole country is dealing with this though.
I have grown up in Massachusetts and lived here most of my life. I love this area. It feels rural but is close to plenty of shops and major cities. There is plenty to do close by: museums, historical sites, art galleries, music venues of all types, major sporting events, and performing arts centers. We also have great hospitals, some of the best colleges, and businesses of all types here in the state. All of that is close by but feels far away. I love the change of seasons. We have a great zoo in town that has grown substantially since I have lived here. We have a Drive-in that has two screens and plays major movies. I just recently saw Star Wars the weekend before Christmas there. We have a drive-in restaurant where waitresses bring your food to your car on a tray that sits on the ledge of your car window.
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Taxes in this area are getting to high. Town workers and teachers salaries are very high. Workers at business in this area are not that high.
Blackstone does not promote recycling as well as Bellingham does.
Lots of pizza and beer, nothing else really makes it around here
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