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I enjoy living in Mehlville! It is a quiet area, with not much traffic. People who live here are very nice and easy to connect with.
Good school district, safe, good neighbors, low crime, lots of stores/restaurants nearby, lots of jobs, not far from Webster University
The Mehlville area is perfect for my family. Easy access (and plenty of options) for shopping (grocery or other), great schools, and much more. It’s not far from about anything in St. Louis. It’s an easy commute downtown and overall pretty quiet. It’s a busy place, but not a ton of action, and a nice place to settle down.
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Mehlville is a very standard suburb for living but it's a very above average area for work. There are many companies (mainly medical) surrounding the area. Mehlville is also surrounded by other counties that have even more job opportunities with each county only being around 15-20 minutes away. There are many shopping centers and malls in the area each with their own monetary demographic. The schools in Mehlville's territory are all very well maintained and up to date on supplies. There is also a very good trade highschool in partnership with Mehlville's highschools that give an opportunity to kids who are interested in blue-collar work.
Mehlville is an okay area to live in. The schools in the area aren't that great and crime is rising. However, there is plenty of shopping around and houses are super affordable. I chose to move out because I was beginning to feel unsafe. But, if you like a short commute and don't care about schools, Mehlville would be a good area for you.
Mehlville has its nice areas and its more sketchy areas that could use some work. In general it is not a bad area but could use some renovations and more attractions.
I’ve lived here since I was 10 years old. I have no complaints. This is my home. I use to live in the south, and it was not a good town. I am beyond happy that my family decided to move here.
Overall Mehlville is a very nice place to live. I like the suburbs and how everybody knows each other in their neighborhoods. I grew up in Mehlville before I moved to Eureka for high school, and when I moved back 2 years ago I felt like things had changed. There is more violence now than I remember before, but other than that it seems to be the same. Kids are always out playing which I like to see. The city buildings and stores could use a bit more of an upgrade to make the community look more up kept.
Mehlville is a generally middle class area, which pockets of lower and upper class neighborhoods. There's just about anything you can think of, whether it be your assorted fast food and cultural places, to higher end restaurants. There's thrift stores, as well as a nice big indoor mall with assorted shops. It's a very comfortable setting with a good family presence everywhere. Many different options for private education as well as a good public school system. You can find extremely cheap and affordable living as well as very luxurious homes, and everything in between. Through and through I'd recommend living in Mehlville to anyone, because it is easily accomadatable to anyone's preferences.
I enjoy living in Mehlville and all it has to offer. Lots of places to eat and shop. School district is good.
I like to say that my life has been one of constant change. I have grown up in many different places, schools, and with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Therefore, my environments have created much of who I am today. Through all of the changes in my life, or perhaps because of them, I have maintained and learned an exceptional perception on life values. And based on my experience I can certainly witness that Mehlville is the great place to live. It has been my home from day I moved to USA in 1995. If you would like to learn about various cultures, this is a right place for you. Embracing diversity has become part of the everyday culture in this area. Mehlville is a mix of everything; urban and suburban atmosphere all at once with a great circulation infrastructure, perfect for everyone’s desire to explore.
Great place to live. Large yards
To be honest, I do not pay much attention to the crime rate around here. It's been known to be a safe neighborhood, though.
I live in a friendly subdivision with a catholic grade school as well as a public middle school within easy walking distance. The neighborhood is full of many families, with children always playing outside. There are stores nearby and a shopping mall a little further away. There are most likely many places that are much better. But for me, St. Louis is the best place in the world and I would always want to live there.
There are always police officers patrolling the streets at all times of the day and night. I live right down the street from a police substation and I never hear about any crime in my neighborhood. I feel very safe here.
I like this area. I'm close to everywhere I need to go, and I'm close the interstate. New businesses keep opening, which gives more opportunity and more things to enjoy. I would definitely choose to live here again if I could do it all over.
I feel very safe in my neighborhood, and see police around where I live very often.
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It's a great place to live filled with friendly people.
This area is great for a blossoming family.
The area is very nice but not enough to do. I would live there no matter what just because my whole family lives in the area. There are not many things to see until you go downtown and look at the arch and other historical places. I see this future staying the same in the future but hopefully getting a better overall quality of life.
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