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I wish some roads were marked better and had better lighting to make driving safer.
I believe this area would be a great place to have a family, and there aren't many safety problems for my area.
The night life here is pretty bad. There aren't very many things to do in town. There are a wide range of family restaurants, but there isn't any special food that someone would come to visit for. I know that it has been getting better because the town is trying to make downtown better. There is a new restaurant called Sugar that I have been to that I really enjoyed. The owner is working on opening more restaurant. Which I'm pretty excited about.
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Most people that live in the Dunlap/ Peoria work at Caterpillar. Which is a company that specializes in construction machinery and equipment company. The rest either work in the medical field or teach. I'm currently working at Hy-Vee a grocery store in town while I'm being a full time student. Since the main employment in this area is engineers at Caterpillar I will not be saying in my home town, because that's about the only job you can get.
I live in Dunlap which doesn't have that many businesses, but there are a few. The two that come to mind are both family owned are restraunts, Jane's Ice Bx and Knuckles Pizza. One is very close to my house and the other is within walking distance from the high school. While both have great food, good deals, and satisfying service; neither restaurant is ever open. Their hours are strange and you can never get pizza or ice cream when you need or want it. If you want to get food or groceries than you need to go into town. In town there are several place to go that are great and the whole town loves.
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