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There aren't many serious crimes in the area, and there's always police patrolling around the town. Medina was a hub for businesses many, many years ago because of the Erie Canal; but now there are many empty buildings around that could be a cause of concern. That is the only concern, however, and I do feel safe living in this area.
So many people take this area for granted. Because my area of study is environmental science, there are so many wonderful opportunities here. I do enjoy living here, and I do think that if I had the chance, I would still choose to live here. I can't honestly rank it compared to everywhere else in the country, because different places have different amazing qualities.
Basically no different than any other small town in America . Our public service areas are outstanding in every aspect , police , fire , ambulance and civic pride . Outside departments(Canal and Thruway Authority) with assets in the area let us down , but the village itself is awesome .
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There are 2 major cities within an hours drive and 2 medium size cities within 30 minute drives . We are nestled between 2 of the Great Lakes and have 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World 35 minutes away . History flourishes in this area from the Erie Canal History to the Medina Sandstone History .

The people are country folk for the most part and enjoy the friendly and social attitudes of the area . I've worked in different areas of the country from the West coast to the East , for the most part all people are the same , friendly . This area is different to the point of 'family' . Everyone knows everyone , it's like a huge family where ever you go in Western NY .
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