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Redemption Church is a great church. There is a nice walking path around the lake. Everyone is nice and kind.
I like that Medical Lake is a small town with a small town vibe. The people are friendly and it is not fast paced living like what you would find in a bigger city. The town is growing which is nice but it may lose that small town feel that attracts many people in the first place. It is a great town to live and to visit. The town is close to the bigger city with shopping and nightlife. Medical Lake is not that diverse but it is affordable.
Small town feel with only 5,000 people. Very warm community. Lots of events happening in the summer, like an all town "Founder's Day Parade". Great Schools with teachers who truly care.
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Its a nice and quite town. I recommend living here. I only wish there was more businesses and things to do. A lot of businesses are shut down and are just sitting there. But overall, nice and quite town.
Small rural farm and lakeside town. Everyone is so helpful and neighborly. Great place to raise a family and it is a community dedicated to including children and adults with mental disabilities.
My mom and step dad moved here about 20 years ago. I graduated here and then moved away, only to end up coming right back 3 years later. This town cares about me as I care about it wholeheartedly. I have actually bar tended in this small town since i was 21. I know everyone and they know everything about me. They have watched me grow over these passed 8 years, as I have been with them through tough times and every birthday I swear hahaha. I recently bought a house, so you could say once I find the right guy I am ready to start the next generation in my family here. 5 stars medical lake! Such a perfect town.
Great small town feel with great people. The community is kept clean and tidy. Everyone whom I have met are friendly and helpful, especially when it comes to big snow storms and you need help shoveling and/or snow blowing.
There are many lakes surrounding the area, very quiet neighborhood, friendly people, retired vets, great local support of each other, great food for small area.
I loved the small town feel and it was close enough to Spokane that it wasn't too far out. I did not enjoy the weather during the summer, however, it got a little too hot for me.
I love the small-town feeling, but I wish more business would come to the town. The high school is very welcoming, and the school and library are involved in many community events. However, outside of going to the local park or library, there aren't many opportunities for social gatherings.
Great for outdoor activities in the summer. Small community. Love and spend lots of time at the community library!
It is a small town with a great feel. However, it is a bit overpriced. There is very little competition between companies and so sometimes the prices are a bit much.
Medical Lake is a great community that, when in times of need, come together to support one another! It is such a tight-knit community that I have lived in my whole life. Great schools & teachers! It is a very safe town for starting a family.
My husband and I have lived here for two years now and love it! It is a quiet neighborhood, small, close-knit.
Medical lake is a small town that includes everyone. With it being a small town you get to know a lot of the towns people. You do get to have a glimpse of a lot of North American wild life from deer to turkeys and the occasional moose. You get to see the stars at night unlike many cities where you can't see the stars. You also get the luxury of seeing our national bird where the get to snatch fish out of the many lakes and streams that we have there.
Really great city. Small town atmosphere, but close enough to large city to not be to out of touch. Allows for a plethora of different walks of life. Close to the Air Force Base as well.
My wife and I moved to Medical Lake after we got married 7 years ago. A puppy and a baby later, it feels like theres no other place on earth that we would fit in at as well as we do in Medical Lake.
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a nice small town, if you live out of town. they do a lousy job plowing the roads and get tons of snow. Schools are bad, but the high school isnt too bad.
I have lived in Medical Lake Wa for one and a half years, it is quiet and easy to enjoy. There are many lakes surrounding the area and deer that visit on a regular basis. There is a sense of close community and everyone knows everybody. It gives a great opportunity to help each other out (with food at the food bank, book sales and donations at the library, youth learning and development at the 'Youth Ranch', and more!). It is a place for retirees and I enjoy having military neighbors.
There is a wide variety. Some of us keep up our house and yards very well. Others don't seem to care as much. Although this is a great place to live, the community tends to be lower income.
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