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I have lived here over 30 years. I find the people friendly and the town is afordable and easy to navigate. Its close to many beautiful places to hike, swim, boat or ski.
Medford is a very beautiful town. If you like any activity in the outdoors, Medford is a great place to be. We're just a couple hours from basically anything. However, a lot of sketchy things happen and it is not safe to walk around at night. There also isn't a lot to do if you don't like the outdoors.
Medford needs a more diverse and modernized shopping and food scene. The homeless problem downtown is unsafe, and there also needs to be better parking downtown. There also should be more efforts for recycling and being more environmentally friendly.
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Great people. The community is welcoming and a wonderful place to live. The bad side is placed close by 8ish
What I like about Medford is how we are about our town. We are very into our football and school rivalries. The news shows up the rival games and the whole city seems to be involved in such activities. I would change how industrialized it is becoming. Lately, we have been having more shops and stores being built but I'm not sure if it's for the best. We use to be a smaller quitter town, but we are becoming busier and traffic is getting worse.
Medford is a place Californians love to come to retire. The weather is wonderful with just the right amount of rain and sun. Its hot, but not too hot in the summer and theirs tons of lakes near by. Winters are cold and we do get some snow occasionally but it doesn't last except for the mountains. If you like snow sports Mt. Ashland is a great place only 30 min away. Then fall and spring can be a little wet but for the most part its sunny with some clouds and a nice breeze. Rain is less common than sun around here. Now on to activities. This is an outdoor town. There are lots of bike paths and places to hike but not as many places to go with smaller children. We do have a Bowling Alley, Go Cart Track, Family Fun Center, and Trampoline Park, along with a Cinema though.
It was a beutiful place to live. Now it's very unsettling just to go to the grocery store. Let's of theft and zombies on methamphetamine and heroin. There are homeless camps everywhere now. Also, the cost of living is thru the roof.
Medford is a medium size town in Oregon that is close to many outdoor activities. It is a gorgeous and friendly town that I would recommend to anyone.
Medford is a very nice town, and another plus is that it's very close to other towns nearby. Stores can be easily commuted to. The environment is quiet and family-friendly. It's a small town where everyone seems to know everyone.
Medford is a good place to grow up, but not my ideal town. It has beautiful hiking and boating experiences and a good sports field, but if you aren't into the outdoors, I wouldn't recommend Medford simply because there aren't many options for indoor activities.
As you pass through the area there are a lot of issues with drug abuse and homeless camps strewn throughout the area. Also, smoke from mismanaged nearby public lands has caused a lot of health concerns for people in the region.
Medford is a nice small city. My biggest complaint is probably that there is not as many food options as I would like, but I understand I was spoiled, coming from a big city.
Drug Ridden.
Public parks and bike paths are rife with crime and dangerous places to visit.
Very poor air quality with stagnation during fire season.
Poor outdated schools.
No jobs
Only one college of size and it has 6K students.
Extraordinarily unfriendly to folks born outside of OR.
Typical folks are extremely conservative.
Hours away from anything of interest.
I have grown up in Medford my whole life, its a small but growing town in Southern Oregon and it is beautiful. You can drive in any direction around you and find some of the most amazing, secluded scenery you'll ever see! Whether it's hiking through the forrest, swimming in the rivers and lakes, or visiting the hundreds of waterfalls hidden around us, you'll find something beautiful. When getting into the downtown area its not the greatest, and there isn't much to do here as a teenager unless you're into the outdoors. Hopefully that changes because as the town keeps growing it does feel like its getting overcrowded. Overall awesome place to live, Oregon rocks!!
It is a good sized town if you don't like large cities and want something bigger than a small farm town.
Home town feel, and so close to lots of great outdoor activities! Medford has a lot for people to get involved in. It's a generous community that wants to help with the needs of the less fortunate. There is a lot of growth in housing and the new freeway addition has helped a lot for traffic to run smoother in the main part of town.
Medford is a beautiful place to live in. There are many outdoor activities to participate in. The people are mostly friendly and helpful, as well as being family oriented. The traffic is nice in comparison to Los Angeles, Ca. There is no diversity and mostly a retired older population so nightlife is also very limited and dull. In addition, there is not a lot of social activities to get involved in. The public education system is not very good and there are little to no options to change that. Housing is old and still fairly high for average salaries. I moved because of my family but probably would recommend and younger people to do the same nor ethnic people, I can count on 1 hand how many African Americans live here. Overall decent place but nothing I'm excited to share.
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Medford is a hub for travelers ans nature lovers, because of the interstate that runs through town and the plethora of outdoor activities that surround the valley.
Medford has many socioeconomical issues. Rental market has low vacancy, high rent. Homeless and drug problems.
I really like this area. The local council has done a lot to improve it. I would recommend it to people looking for a nice quiet place to live with a lot of outdoor activities.
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