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I like the small-town feel with the aspects of a city. The downtown area has various local businesses and restaurants that have a city feel to it. The town never feels overly crowded and the sense of community this town has is remarkable. Prior to covid19, the town would host a plethora of local events to celebrate its community. These aspects of the town make it a great place to live or visit.
Best town to start a family! We relocated from Sacramento, CA. The environment is better and the community is very safe and giving. One of the best parts of Mac is the fact that its only a short drive to Portland and about an hour from the coast.
Great hometown feel, beautiful sights, close to the country, the beach and large cities. So many food and winery options to choose from and little boutique shops. Great local community.
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I’ve lived all over the country and McMinnville is the best! Small town charm in the Oregon wine-country, just one hour to Portland, one hour to the coast, and two hours to the Mountains. With the best restaurants in Oregon, a small liberal arts college, and an air and space museum- what more could you want? Oh yeah- the people? Friendliest ever.
McMinnville is a small town but is currently expanding. I moved there on the beginning of sixth grade and i loved it. The kids there were so welcoming and i quickly made friends even though i am very shy. My neighbors would always invite us over for any celebration they had and we were happy to attend. Id love to go back to McMinnville in the feature.
McMinnville is a vibrant town where people of all ages can find fun and entertainment. The wine tasting culture runs deep.
McMinnville is my home town. It's a very nice mix of a town small enough that you run into people you know everywhere and you really feel like part of the town, but a big enough city that there is diversity both in the people and the businesses. McMinnville is a great place to live and to raise a family. It is an exceptionally safe town with virtually no violent crime to be heard of.
I have lived in McMinnville my entire life. I find it to be a calm and chill town. There are not many entertainment places in town nor many diverse restaurants.
The availability of stores and the variety are great. Power/water bill is amazingly low. However rent is a little high.
McMinnville is a great mid-size town in the heart of wine country. McMinnville boasts excellent dining, a lovely historic downtown district, locally owned businesses and more. McMinnville has many festivals that promote the wine industry and a strong local economy.
I liked the people around McMinnville if there was something it would change it would have to be paying high on bills
McMinnville is a really nice town to grow up in. There are lots of great people to surround yourself with. We have an iconic downtown where you can taste some amazing Oregon wine, eat the best pizza at Third Street Pizza, or watch the Alien Days parade in April. People here really care about their community, and you can tell.
McMinnville is a beautiful town with a lot of character and history. I love that it has great public schools, good parks and green space, nice neighborhoods, and great small businesses. The community gathers around these small businesses and there is a lot of support for them. As a result the main street in town is always lively with people popping in and out of the local restaurants, shops, and coffee shops.
I have loved living in McMinnville the past 15 years of my childhood. I have enjoyed my experience in the public school system. The town also has a pleasant small-town friendliness while also being in an economically-growing, beautifully-landscaped area
McMinnville, Oregon is a very awesome city to grow up in. There is a strong sense of community and you seem to know people wherever you go. And, the one high school allows for people to connect on a level that is different from other cities.
What I love about McMinnville is the feeling of safety. When I walk to downtown, or to the store, I'm not afraid or concerned about cars or people trying to snag me off the streets.
Everyone is friendly, and I love the community.
Family orientated town... Clean. Nice parks and trails. My kids love the schools, from Preschool thru high school. My family and I feel safe with our local law enforcement. One hour from the coast and one hour from Portland, very central.
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I Lived in McMinnville, Oregon for 37 years, its not too big, nor too small, but just right.With plenty hotels, restaurants,
What I like about McMinnville is the how it's a small town but it doesn't feel too small. It has a community and diversity. What I don't like about McMinnville is the High School community. The administrators don't think about their student's overall experience, only what will benefit the school and their funding. If you don't have school age children then McMinnville has many things for adults to do.
Its a great little town with amazing places to dine out! There are many parks and walking trails all through the town to make it fun for everyone!
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