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I like living in McCordsville. It is very quiet and the people in my neighborhood are friendly. They have an excellent school system that my son attends that is the only Stem school district in the state. Recently the Meijer’s store opened in McCordsville which has been a big help for groceries since Marsh and Needlers closed. Since McCordsville is up and coming I would like to see more restaurants in the area however there are some in the nearby towns of Fishers, Noblesville, and Carmel. The crime rate is low and I stay notify of current activities happening in surrounding housing developments through the Next Door app.
I have lived in McCordsville for 18 years. To be honest early childhood and during elementary I was one of very few bi-racial children. But as more homes and neighborhoods have been built over the years it has brought much more diversity to this area. Over all seems to be pretty quiet and a great place to raise a family.
There are plenty of restaurants and fun places to attend in or around McCordsville. The neighborhoods are family friendly and safe.
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