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McAlisterville is very homey and has a lot of welcoming people. It is full of beautiful sites, but there is very few things to do here.
This town is cleaner and more advanced than some around this area. It is a small town with good neighborhoods. This town is located not far off of a four lane highway and is about 45 minutes from the state capital. My experience living in this town has been fairly good.
McAlisterville is an amazing town with very amazing people. The amount of connection that people have with one another is truly amazing! Everyone knows each other and they all support each other. I would recommend this town to anyone who is looking for seclusion and great people!
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If you like woods and farmlands this is the place to be. Plenty of wildlife and plant life to be seen. Friendly people and many churches to find one that fits need of preference.
McAlisterville is fine if you like a tightknit community where everyone knows each other, but if you're looking for things like good economic growth, diversity of thought, or great education, you should look somewhere else.
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