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I live in a little, small town in Jackson County Ga called Maysville. I've lived here on and off since 1982 and I have seen it change in many ways over the years. When I first moved to Maysville in 1982 it was all dirt roads where as now we barely have any dirt roads left at all ( those were the good ol'days). I would like to see Maysville go back to being a sleepy little town and stop growing before it becomes like Atlanta, GA, to big.
I grew up in the small town of Maysville and choose to continue my life here. I now raise a beautiful daughter here and would not have it any other way. This small town offers the peace and quiet that we love but also has the close fellowship with neighbors. It is located within 30-45 minutes of 5 other larger cities giving you quick access to things that larger communities offer as well.
What I like about Maysville is that it a small little town that is more country than city. Where I live in Maysville falls in between two different city borders yet is a town made of country and farmers, city slickers and ranchers.
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There is not many bars in my area but there are a lot of fast food chains or homeowned restaurants in this area that will serve soft drinks or milkshakes for beverages
Most people here either have their own business or work in retail. Those that own their own business are much happier than those who work normal retail jobs.
Being from a small town, we have many family owned local businesses. Sometimes, I would rather go and shop there than at big retail stores at the mall. We have stores that supply us with cute clothes to a florist to restaurants that have been locally owned since my parents were kids. We do get the majority of things that we need here without having to go to the mall. The mall is more of a hangout spot, since I can get clothes or homecooked food at these local places in town.
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