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I have been in Matteson my whole life and really would like to see the village bring in more than food/restaurants. We need clothing stores and big brands.
Matteson is a small suburban community in the south suburbs. In my experience living in matteson the only down side I can present is lack of businesses and closing of lots of stores. However Matteson is a very safe and quiet community.
I would like to see more diversity, lower taxes and more support from the community and political leaders.
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I have been a resident of Matteson all of my life. I grew up and worked here and it has been a positive experience. There are well kept community recreation facilities and an array of businesses such as restaurants and shops. The bike trails and the community center offer opportunities for people to stay active and social.
I have lived in the city of Matteson for a total of 15 years now. The city thus far has been fairly pleasant. My family and I are happy and do not consider moving anytime soon.
Matteson is a great place to live. There are stores everywhere to shop for clothes or groceries. There are also a lot of job opportunities, nice people, and nice housing.
I've been living in Matteson for three years now and it's very pleasant here. The environment is very safe. There are food places close to my home and a few stores to go to.
I am a current resident of Matteson, Illinois and like how easy going the living is here. It is relatively safe and easy to navigate. What I do not like is how far it is from the city of Chicago and how horrible traffic can get between the two. Overall, it is a nice place to live if you can afford it.
The community is a good place to raise your family. The churches and community center have good activities for the kids. There is really much to do for the adults.
I personally think that Matteson is a pretty cool place. I moved in 2015 and I've been happy ever since. There are a lot of restaurants that I enjoy like 5 Guys, Chipotle and Starbucks.
I love my hometown because it’s safe and feels like a community of happy families. My only concern is several local shops and businesses either left or went bankrupt in our city. I wish we could get those businesses to reopen (Sam’s Club, Walgreens and Target) or have new businesses replace them.
We've lived here for three years. We are looking to buy a home now and will not be buying in Matteson. The taxes are high and local government staff are not professional or responsive to basic inquires like billing or requests for service.

Economically, the community is still declining from the 2008 recession. The leadership are silent on meaningful reforms to create economic development and attract business. Instead, I see empty "shop Matteson" campaigns. Yet companies like Target are leaving.

Do you like red light cameras or questionable parking tickets? Those might be reasons to live here. My observation and opinion is that the police department has serious problems.

The good: It's diverse. Lots of families and everybody says hello.
Matteson is family oriented city that has lost so much charm. The once desired longer house grocery stores or major retailers for convenient shopping. Too many stores closing has left residents where they have to shop in other communities. It is still a nice city to live in, however it must be revitalized.
Matteson is a very quit place and very family oriented. I have lived in Matteson for 24 years and went i went to elementary, jr high and high school in Matteson. The crime is very low, nice people.
Close proximity to Chicago and surrounding communities. Pace of living. Matteson strives to ensure variety of venues and attractions are available to residents through surrounding community partnerships and co-sponsored events.
This is a good area to raise a family or even live alone. It is a very quiet neighborhood with a lot of stores and restaurants nearby.
I would like to see our community become more lively. The area seem dry and not much activities going on. Lots of stores come and go. We use to have a huge mall. That was the main place to be in this area, but sadly it left too. I would like to see my home town come back to life.
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Money hungry suburb. Could be nice if they can bring shopping mall back. Closing Walgreen's and Walmart and allowing surrounding suburbs to take over. Allowing shopping districts to be swallowed up by neighboring suburbs. Water bill extraordinarily high. Does have nice health clubs and discount grocer (Aldi).
I like living in the suburb of Matteson. Low crime area, my children can walk around the neighborhood and not have to worry about gang or gun violence. I don't like that we have to travel outside the area for a mall. There are not enough stores to shop in.
Matteson is a place that is very lively and friendly. The schooling system and community services and activities make Matteson an ideal place to live for any upcoming family.
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