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Love downtown Massillon. There’s not much to do around here though if you are under 21. Great food places that are close by.
Massillon is a close-knit community with an authentic feel. The downtown area is rustic and preserved. They have an incredible high school football stadium and practice facility. The town shuts down for football on Friday nights!
Massillon is a wonderful and very community-oriented place to live in. With a diverse amount of people, local businesses, events, and a well-known football team, Massillon can provide an open and friendly environment as a decent-sized city.
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Massillon is a quiet, small city in rural Ohio. Like any town, there is always room for improvement. For example, beautification could take place in the town to make it more presentable to future citizens. It is a great town, but honestly, it is a monotonous place. Where did all of the life go? I feel as though it is the home to car lots and gas stations- not people. Implementing new functions, such as skating rinks and movie theaters, could bring entertainment back to the town that was once bustling with energy. Overall, Massillon is a peaceful town but it could use more imagination to help revive the town.
I love our brick lined neighborhood and the people here. The downtown leaves more to be desired. Shopping is terrible, nightlife is nonexistent. Taxes and utilities are affordable.
I like Massillon because it is a short drive to shops and restaurants. Massillon needs to improve their education in their school systems and does not keep up with road maintenance.
The town is well maintained and keeps its historical character alive in the downtown area. I personally have squatters residing 2 houses down from me because the city wouldn't boot them when we reported it. It makes living here uncomfortable but otherwise, there are good areas and there are bad. The city charges a high tax but there are always activities happening.
Massillon has an excellent, energetic atmosphere, but, at the same time, is football-heavy & traditional.
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Massillon is like a small town despite its size. I have lived here my entire life and I have always enjoyed living here. We have a very strong sense of community.
I have lived here all of my life. It is a very pleasant place to grow up and raise a family. There's plenty of place to eat being near Belden. There are things to do and fun to be had if you are willing to go out and do things.
I currently go to school is Massillon, Ohio, and the public schools are very impressive. They really prepare you for college and the real world. It is a very safe community and very family friendly.
I grew up in Massillon and have had great experiences living and working in this town. I did not go to the inner city school but a school that is on the outskirts of Massillon which allowed me to see both downtown and the countryside of Massillon. This is a great town if you are involved in high school football and the marching band. I have always felt safe in Massillon and never had to worry about being alone in the city during the day or at nighttime.
Massillon has a great sense of community. If you're familiar with the area, then you know how football season brings the town together. It is simply an experience that you can't get in any other town in America. I grew up in Massillon and always felt safe walking downtown, to school, or to the library.
Massillon is a quaint little city in the state of Ohio. It is small, so there is no feeling of crowdedness and plenty of personal space and property for someone to own.
There are some restaurants and shops throughout it, but most operate like 'Mom-and-Pop' shops regardless of if they are big name brands due to the location.
You have to drive everywhere, and Uber or even public transportation are hard to come by frequently.
It's more conservative than liberal, but not usually to the point where it is suffocating or discriminatory.
Born and raised in Massillon, graduated from Washington High, great small town to live in especially if you like football. Has one of the longest standing football rivalries in the nation.
Massillon, Ohio is a great place to live and raise your children. It's one of those places where you can find a sense of community. My neighbors borrow things and we watch each others kids. It is safer than other communities I have lived in and I would suggest anyone who is looking for a safe place to live and raise a family to live here.
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I was born and raised in Massillon OH. Its close to major cities for work and play. It is very family friendly town with alot to offer .
There is such a great feeling being in the city of Massillon. From the local shops to the amazing football team there are no other cities like it.
Massillon, Ohio is a wonderful place to live. A beautiful town with an intense love for football, you can feel the community support of the local high school. It provides a "homey" feeling right away. It has many parks and trails close by for the outdoorsy people. The trails are well taken care of and are perfect for hiking, walking, running, and even biking. Massillon is just a short drive from many popular places as well, such as Amish country, Canton, Akron, and even Cleveland. I moved to Massillon two short years ago and it quickly became a place I hold deep in my heart.
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