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It's a very safe community, but not much happens in Mason. People really live here for the schools, making it a "bedroom community."
I have lived here my whole life, it is fantastic. Everyone is so nice, there is pretty good places to eat too.
Mason, Ohio is a great family-oriented city. There are so many activities available including Kings Island, bowling, and great restaurants all around. I have lived in Mason with my family for over 15 years now and I have loved living here.
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Mason has a very welcoming culture and I have very much enjoyed my experience living here as a student.
I've very much enjoyed my time in Mason so far. Mason has plenty of amenities that are surprisingly affordable. Traffic is rarely bad and there are several different routes you can take to wherever you're going.
I like Mason a lot! It is a nice town and has a really good school, I do wish that the downtown had a bit more character, as it is quite small and unimpressive compared to the amount of history and people living in this town.
As a graduate of Mason High School and apart of the town for my entire life I have created amazing memories in this town. With my graduating class be so large I was able to create connections with different people with different views. The education given is very high quality and I have never felt unsafe walking around town. Recently they have really put an emphasis on the mental health of all the students at the high school and K-8. There is plenty to do around town on any given night and is just far enough away from the city that the traffic isn't awful but you are still able to go to Cincinnati or even Dayton for a night out. With a P&G plant being off of the main road that goes through town the job opportunities are great and still expanding with the additions they are adding to the building. Great place to live, especially with a family!
Mason is a very safe place to live, with a lot of things to do. There are plenty of restaurants and activities. It is also only about a 30 minute drive from downtown Cincinnati.
Mason, Ohio is a wonderful city to live in. You are in the middle of so many amazing sites and places. There's parks, downtowns, amazing restaurants, shops, malls, etc. The neighborhoods are all close and very safe. When I was younger I would ride my bike all around Mason and West Chester. And in the morning you can see families walking their dogs and running. Overall Mason is just a wonderful place to live. Especially if you want to be connected without all the city distractions and noise!
Mason is the most hateful, racist, exclusionary city in Greater Cincinnati. This place has nothing to offer but terribly high real estate, an excessive county tax, and an overhyped school district. People here are sickeningly arrogant. Don’t move here. Go further North or East. Mason is suburban Hell.
A large suburb with good school systems, the people here care about the community and there are lots of community events year-round for kids and adults. This is a great city for people interested in running/biking since there are a lot of sidewalks and 5K's.
Mason is an amazing location to start a family and build on it. Great public schooling system, incredible and safe communities within this big family. Glad to say that I am part of the mason community
The schools are nationally ranked, and Mason is overall a great suburb to raise a family. If I were single with no kids, I would recommend you choose somewhere else to live if you are into going out. The biggest change I would like to see is more economical, cultural, and political diversity. Other than that, Mason is a wonderful place to live.
Mason is one of the best communities that I've ever been a part of. We are so close and come together for good causes, whether it's to help a family who recently lost a loved one or to help promote awareness of cancer. The schools are ranked the best in Ohio, not to mention that we were named a Blue Ribbon school. Mason is very safe, loving, and caring to any family that lives in its area.
The school system here provided me so many opportunities that made me a better applicant for college. The diversity alone enriched my cultural knowledge and acceptance growing up and has allowed me to be a better citizen.
I love the town. It is very friendly and diverse. The people are very accepting here. There is a lot do as Kings Island is nearby and Cincinnati is not too far away. The school district is also very good.
I like having well-maintained parks, with lots of places to go during my free time. However, the culture of Mason can be rather of toxic at times.
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The weather is very nice. People are friendly. Schools are great. It is a small town which you could find everything in 5 minutes around your house. Safety in this area is pretty good. I have seen people leave their bikes in the playground and nobody touch it. You could the highest safety in this area. The diversity is great here. I like that in our neighborhood there are people from India, Pakistan, Asia, Italy,... which makes life really interesting here. Regional attractions include The Golf Center, Great Wolf Lodge and Conference Center, Kings Island amusement park, and the annual Western & Southern Open.
Mason is a very privileged city. Most people have money and have well-paying jobs. The Mason City Schools School district has excellent staff as well as many students who are engaged and eager to learn. Although the academic pressure that comes with being a Mason High School student can be overwhelming at times, I recognize that I am very privlaged to have been given the opportunity to go to such a nice school and live in a very safe and welcoming city.
Mason, Ohio is one of the quietest and safest neighborhoods in the Cincinnati area. The school options here are amazing, and the real estate continues to grow.
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