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Family friendly neighborhood. My son goes to elementary school up the street from our house. The local high school is nationally ranked and very good. Overall a very nice place to live and raise my children.
Great place to live and there is not too long of a drive to go anywhere. Its a beautiful place with lots to do.
Great place to live and centrally located. Affordable housing with a good school district. I have lived in this area growing up and now I own 2 properties here. Grace church in Maryland Heights is wonderful and is most diverse gathering I have ever been to.
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Maryland Hieghts gives me everything I need; safe, relatively close to everything, good environment, good schools, and very nice people.
I have really enjoyed living in Maryland Heights. The neighbors are friendly, caring, and genuinely helpful. There is a pride about living in Maryland Heights!
Having Creve Coeur lake close by makes it really nice in the summer to paddle board, bike, or walk around the lake. There are a lot of good restraunts in the area especially with Westport right next door. The new community center is outstanding and even includes and indoor pool with a zipline! The small aquatic park is right next door to the community center and has a variety of slides and pools for kids and adults.
I do not like living in this neighborhood. The drivers here are crazy. I have lived all over Saint Louis, but the drivers in Maryland Heights are insane. Had an accident as soon as I moved over here. Even the car insurance rates are higher because the accident rates are so high here. Nobody can drive and I fear for my life everyday. If you take the metro I guess it's worth it. The property here is fairly cheap and its in a good school district.
maryland heights is very safe. Many members of the community are out and about late at night, walking their dogs or just enjoying a summer night. The new community center is affordable and has plenty to do. They host community nights so this city is very family-friendly. A nice place to raise your family.
My home lost over 30% of its value after the city rezoned adjacent residential land to be commercial/light industrial.

Most gas stations are pay-first and close by dark... infer what you will.

Mayor-for-life hates residents and loves businesses - he's in the pocket of the casinos. Would probably authorize open storage of nuclear waste, for a price.
Maryland Heights is a wonderful community to live in. It is centrally located to malls, hospitals, airports, schools, shopping and entertainment in the area. The police actively patrol the area and host events. The community center has recently been upgraded and is an enjoyment to all.
City officials are extremely difficult to work with. Many contractors will not work with the county due to inspectors being highly difficult. Everything requires a permit to repair on your home (replacing a window $50 a pop, garage door also $50). St. Charles county requires none of this. Taxes are also relatively high. Bridgeton is much more enjoyable to work with and business friendly. Overall, outside of homes (30%) store a lot of junk in the back yards giving the area a junky look. Nice walking trails, though.
Its kind of expensive to live here but it's quiet and nice. Great schools. Great night life. Very family friendly
I love that I feel safe and it's definitely a welcoming community. Neighbors are friendly and shopping is abundant.
Maryland Heights is a great place to live. The citizens of the community are nice and very welcoming. Neighbors care for one another. The community has a lot to offer, with parks, schools, and businesses around the area.
I have liked my experience living in Maryland Heights so far. Growing up, it felt as a relatively safe place to be and ride my bike around. Our neighbors are nice, but the only travesty is that everyone keeps to themselves. There's no sense of community in my neighborhood. As a college student, I yearn for more community and fellowship and more diversity. I like living nearby the Creve Coeur Lake as it's a nice park to go walking and seeing other people from St. Louis spend time there.
Brand new community center and a lot of places to walk. Well policed areas and plenty of parks. I enjoy the well priced amenities. Residents get good discounts for Aqua port and the community center as well as free trash pickup and discounts in certain stores.
Great location nearby Creve Ceour Lake with nearby Schnucks grocery and Gold's Gym. Wish there was greater variety of nightlife and restaurants open later. Also, you have to drive outside of Maryland Heights for decent shopping. Safe neighborhoods for families.
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The neighborhood is peaceful. The area is clean and well put together. The access to the surrounding highways are great. Great area to raise a family.
When looking for a home, Maryland Heights was the ideal location based upon location in St.Louis County area, interstate access, and commercial businesses, BUT without hindering the solidarity of the family friendly neighborhoods. Now that I am here, all the standards has held true, especially when it comes to having a variety shopping options, family friendly activities/recreational facilities, and diverse school/population. Overall, I always recommend Maryland Heights to anyone looking to move. Whether they are singles or families!
Maryland Heights, Missouri is a very diverse community. The I love that generations of families continue to stay in Maryland Heights. The parks are full of fun things to do. My favorite park is Creve Couer park. There's a lake, walking trails, and a few playgrounds for the kids.
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