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The residents of Marksville form a tight-knit community. In good times and in bad, the community comes together to help each other. Recently, businesses have been flourishing. However, our public schools continue to be terrible. With the exception of APCS, the youth in this town have no chance at a decent public education.
This used to be a little "Mayberry Town" but not any longer. There has always been corruption but it's ridiculous now. Police are thugs with a gun! Horrible!
I currently live near Marksville, Louisiana, and have grown up in this small town. Marksville has had a tremendous amount of corruption take place within the last few years. The politics and individuals of the town seem to have little concern for the towns well being. The primary concern is to bring more money through the casino. Schools are old and run down, teachers are poorly treated, and the only students who succeed are the ones that have wealthy parents.
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When I move to Marksville, there was a lot of interest because I didn't want to leave the area I was staying in along with my friends. It is a nice town with different job opportunities for anyone. There is some attractions in our city as of the Paragon Casino which everyone heard about in many states. It's a comfortable area to live in and I have enjoyed it for the last couple of years living here so far.
This area is not going to change. I see myself moving away and only visiting family.
There are a lot of court cases going on.
Marksville is a small town where everyone is nice and friendly to you.
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