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I loved the small school feel in Marion when I was there. I do wish there were more community activities and things to do here though.
Great place if you want your child to have a close relationship with teachers and staff. Amazing music program. Small town with not a lot of sites but great to settle for a quiet and peaceful life.
Marion is a very small town. Everyone knows each other, so gossip spreads quickly. Regardless of that, we're all pretty friendly and social with one another. The diner in town is great, and we even have a tattoo place right on main street.
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Marion is a small town, but it is quaint and a perfect place to live if you work in rochester, but don't want the city life.
Crime really isn't a big deal here. Occasionally someone does something stupid but it is dealt with accordingly.
I love where I live. I grew up there, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. We are a town that cares about each other and will support one another during times of trouble. The school system is dedicated to helping their students be successful. Even though we are a really small town I know we have potential to do great things!!
We have never had any major problems with crime. There has been some vandalism but nothing major.
This is a great place to live, I like living in the country. It is very quiet and there is not many people around. It is a great place if you like to do a lot outside.
It would be better for higher paying jobs and less expensive college tuition.
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