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Marion is a great place to live if you are looking for a small town to live in. Marion is about 10 minutes from Memphis,TN where there is plenty of fun. This small town is the place you would want to live if youre looking for a place that has good connections and its peaceful!!
I love how the community comes together when tragic things happen. The school is getting better opening up different academics and supporting the sports. They made three school buildings into magnet schools for kids K- 6th grade. Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School focuses on crafts and music, while the Math, Science, and Technology Magnet School is for those to dig deeper into the everyday world. The Herbert Carter Global Community Magnet School focuses on everything. They are required to buy uniforms and parents are very involved in the school. These types of schools help guide students in a direction for life. Many people around here support the change in Mari's School District. I think there should be more things for kids to do. There are many parks around but teenagers don't want to hangout with friends at a park. I say we should get a small movie theater or water park near. We should get more food places that people would like.
I love living here. The people are nice, it's a good neighborhood compared to surrounding areas, and it leaves endless options for food and activity being in what is pretty much a tri-state with Tennessee and Mississippi.
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Marion has always been a excellent town to live in. The people are all friendly, and everyone seems to like each other. Marion has a good selection of food, and it is right across the bridge from Memphis, Tennessee. Most people that live in Marion say they Memphis, but they would not want to live there. That is why Marion is such a great place to be a resident of.
It's close to Memphis which helps in finding work and recreation. It's cheap, but definitely not for everyone; it's definitely not big city life.
Marion, Arkansas is a pleasant enough small town; however, it is a very small city. The schools are located near homes, so it is easy to walk to school, gas station, or grocery store. The only downside is abundance of secrecy for parents and students that just work or go to school. Parents are expected to be on PTA to know anything going on, and students have to be involved in everything to know about homecoming.
One of the best things about Marion is its small size. Getting from one place to another takes about ten minutes. For a town of roughly 12,000 people, there are a variety of eating places.
Where I currently reside, the area is very quite and clam. There are local store, doctor office, parks, school, church, night life hangout, gas station, fire department, and police station. I like the fact these place are close, so I don't have to travel far to get what my family and I need.
My job is located in Memphis Tn, which only takes about 17 minutes to commute there and about 30 to commute home.
There is very low crime rate. I notice the police officers make their rounds throughout the day into the night, and so on.
I like come to like my neighbors, for the short time of me being there, which has been about nine months. I really lone my new home.
That's one thing about Marion, the homes are very nice, and welled kept.
like my friends and family. I like the town and my cats. I have live here all my life and like where i live. The town has gone down a little and crime is up but overall it is a nice little town. The taxes are high for the beneifits
I've grown up in Marion. Over the past 25 years I have watched this town grown tremendously. I am the third generation of my family to live in this town. Marion is home and always will be. Marion has an excellent school district. Very close proximity to Arkansas State University's Mid South Campus in West Memphis and many other colleges in Memphis. Marion is a nice break from the big city of Memphis. You have all the benefits of living in a city (like Memphis) but you are still able to have the small hometown feel and experience all while feeling safe in your community.
Since I've moved to Marion, I haven't had any problems. The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. My landlord is great.
It is a nice, small town with lots of opportunity close by. It is located only 10 minutes from downtown Memphis, TN, and only 45 minutes for ASU in Jonesboro, AR. ASU Mid South campus is right next door in West Memphis, and is a great community college! People are friendly, and Marion is up and coming.
Love the small town feel with easy access to the big city of Memphis! Great schools and even better churches!
I hear a lot of sirens go by my apartment. There have been a lot of break ins in the apartments close to me.
The drivers here are the worst. I have had two car accidents in my life and they have both been in this city and neither have been my fault.
It could have a better police support system if they wanted to but they respond to certain things slowly but overall it is a great system to work with because we are a small town there aren't as many big crimes as expected in Memphis. Now and then there are missing bodies found and a couple of shooting but overall it's has a good system.
If I had a chance to come back to my local area I would love to but I wouldn't want to stay there for long . I would just want to soothe my homesick and enjoy myself while I have the chance. It's a markable place filled with many memories that I would never forget.
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I wish I knew more people.
Marion is quintessential suburbia. It's convenient because it's so close to Memphis, one of the biggest cities in America, but it's still rural and very safe. However, the small town life can get frustrating, and there are few things to do in the town itself, especially for teenagers and young adults. In its current flourishing and developing state, I could see it growing into a mid-sized city.
I do not exercise regularly myself and many others in this area do not either. There are at least two indoor workout facilities in this area but they are very small. Typically, fifty percent of people in this area do not exercise, while the other fifty percent does. From time to time, I will ride my bike around the community lake in my neighborhood. There was one hospital facility in this area but unfortunately, it is gone now so to get to a hospital, one has to cross the bridge to get to Memphis, Tennessee but luckily, that is only a 20 minute drive.
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