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DO NOT MOVE TO MARBLE FALLS, I know there are a bunch of reviews saying it's nice but let me tell you how this town truly is. Marble falls has some of the trashiest people I have ever met there is meth and crime everywhere out here and it is completely unavoidable, and if you live in the good part of marble falls your house will still get broken into, the schools are filled with nothing but bad influences and drug dealers I could say more but there isnt enough space to write it all down DO NOT MOVE HERE. PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO YOURSELF
Marble Falls is an old town that gears towards the involvement of all ages. Living in Marble Falls, you see families walking on sidewalks with dogs and elderly couples eating lunch at the cafe. There are so many attractions, you'll just have to come to see for yourself.
Great place to live and raise children. Schools are great, shopping is close by as well as amenities for entertaining. Far enough from city life but close enough to enjoy city festivities.
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Marble Falls used to be a quaint small town, but it is beginning to grow! Many fast food restaurants (ex. Burger King, Panda Express, Chick Fil A) have popped up in just a few months. Also, a "super" HEB has just been made with a new Bealls next to it. We also got a new coffee shop, a new car wash, a whole new building for more businesses, and more. The city is booming and is right next to a lake! I love it here. My main complaint is traffic. It has grown so fast that the roads are having trouble keeping up with all the big rigs coming through.
Marble falls is a great small town and all of the people here are so friendly and nice to each other and the school was absolutely amazing and the teachers are the best that I have had
Marble Falls is one of those towns that is just meant for the adults, meaning that there is not much in Marble Falls for the kids. Now, back in 2000 there were more options for the kids, they had a bowling alley, a movie theater, it only played one movie but we had one, and then a putt- putt golf, now all the kids have is a bigger movie theater. Overall it is nice if you like the bars and expensive stores near by.
I really enjoyed the small town feel to the city! The law enforcement in the town were very helpful and friendly. The town had some nice landmarks and roads to explore for motorcyclists. The town also had some great diners that really lived up to their name. Winery's in the area were wonderful
The town is overall spectacular. People are nice, it has a variety of parks, restaurants for all tastes, and new businesses are always being opened. The town is very diverse, which makes it interesting. It also has many historical buildings and an splendid downtown area full of restaurants and local businesses. Nevertheless, real estate is quite expensive compared to other towns.
Marble Falls, TX is beautiful city set in the heart of the hill country. Part of its cham are the rolling hills, bluebonnets and it's set between three gorgeous lakes, Lake Marble Falls, Inks Lake and Lake Buchanan. Marble Falls is currently growing again with six new businesses going up right now. There's so much to do, and so much to see in Marble Falls.
I Love Main Street in downtown Marble Falls. There are cute little shops and clothing boutiques. The Lake In Marble Falls is nice to swim and boat in. Good place to stop by and enjoy life. Good school system, between private and public schools. Great town to grow up in. Not big on the nightlife, everything closes before 10. Everything is nearby in town. Popular attractions: Blue Bonnet Cafe, dragboat races, mayfest, walkway of lights, the Marble Falls lake, Main Street, Johnson park and Lakeside park.
It's a great small town to raise a family. The community is very friendly and it is a truly beautiful part of Texas. It is very close to Austin which is a huge plus. There's a lake which is so much fun during the summer. I have lived here my entire childhood and I have loved it.
Lovely historic area. Lots to do with willingness to be resourceful. Beautiful hill country that is great to visit our reside. My favorite aspect is the summer a life.
Marble Falls is a small town about an hour out of Austin. It has many fine establishments such as hospitals, an excess of churches, fast food chicken places, and a movie theater. It is the biggest town in the county but has a lack of things to do. Although the town is centered around the lake, boating remains the only "fun" thing to do around here. The younger generations are forced to commute to Austin for nearly everything. That is not to say there are not any stores in Marble Falls, but those that do exist cater to the rich and retired. But lack entertainment aside, the community is safe and beautiful.
I like the small-town feel of Marble Falls. You can drop your middle-schoolers off at the movies or the Friday night football game, do your shopping, and not worry about their safety. The city parks are rarely too crowded, and families can cook out and swim lakeside without paying a crazy amount to go to a state park.
Houses aren't exactly $300,000 looking houses but they are moderate and suitable for family homes. They are not super expensive and there is places here to get help.
It's a small town so everyone knows each other. If they know your parents chances are they remember you as a baby. The only thing is on my street everyone calls animal control ASAP even though my dog is harmless unless licking your face off is super bad.
I don't ever hear of crime in this area. I know the most sightings of police are on the weekends. I see them everywhere I go and even going down my street. The officers here are very vigilant.
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This area is a small town and everyone knows each other. Recently a couple people have passed and the whole town gets together and mourns. Especially if its a kid from school. In my grade alone we have lost 2 students, Bryce Forsythe and Mylie Ferguson. That changed everyone forever
very nice but expensive from other towns
its a nice small town the pay is low on most part
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